About Me
Rev. James M. Leonard
Cambridge, United Kingdom
After years in ministry, I am now pursuing a PhD at University of Cambridge. My passion is teaching biblical studies. My dissertation is a text critical study on whether the text of the Gospels were transmitted faithfully or erratically in the 2nd and 3rd centuries--the period of time during which we have but few small scraps of text.
Biblical studies is more than a scholarly pursuit for me. I accept the Bible as my way of life and worship Jesus as my Lord and Savior.
Theologically, I am a Reformation Arminian, and a Baptist. I have done ministry in the last 15 years among American Baptist Churches--USA. I also have a strong background and unofficial affiliation with Free Will Baptists.
For fun, I am an enthusiastic student of American history, especially Civil War history. I have an abiding interest of the music of Pink Floyd and its creative genius Roger Waters.
I am so happy to share my life with my wife of 22 years and our three children.