JMJ Consulting is the firm of Judith Kunofsky, Ph.D., who has many years’ experience in virtually every aspect of nonprofit work, including identifying funding prospects and writing proposals for foundation, individual, business, and government audiences.

In 1998, Judy established JMJ Consulting to provide services to nonprofits to strengthen their work and funding base. Her clients are arts, advocacy, social service, environmental, health, and education-related nonprofits in the San Francisco Bay Area and nationally.

Clients include small nonprofits with no fundraising staff, as well as larger groups with development staff who prefer to rely on expert consulting assistance for foundation fundraising. Judy works directly for clients or as a subcontractor to the Zimmerman Lehman consulting firm. She is available for short-term and long-term assignments, as well as for Workshops & Classes.

Proposals to foundations must look and sound like the nonprofit, reflecting its language, tone, and emphasis. Depending on the interests of a potential funder, a proposal can be detailed and sober, passionate, or anything in between. It can focus on individuals or social trends. A proposal can appeal to the public interest or to enlightened self-interest. Every proposal must be true to the nonprofit’s mission and style yet speak directly to the funder’s interests and approach.

A consultant can be simply a good editor. However, JMJ Consulting provides more than editing: Many clients need assistance writing a compelling needs statement (the most important part of the proposal); articulating measurable, achievable annual objectives; or describing their program completely yet succinctly. Judy Kunofsky will ensure that your proposal is the most compelling possible presentation of your work.

In addition, JMJ Consulting can do the skilled prospect research that identifies only your best foundation prospects, and prepare a fundraising calendar that makes the best use of your organization’s valuable time.

We welcome your inquiries. See contact information in right column.

JMJ Consulting helps you make the best possible case for funding your programs. Judy welcomes short-term and long-term assignments. Her services include:

  • Editing proposals your staff has drafted.
  • Preparing master proposals, budgets, and letters of inquiry.
  • Tailoring master proposals and letters to specific funders.
  • Identifying and evaluating foundation funding prospects.
  • Developing multi-year fundraising plans.
  • Training and coaching boards, staff, and volunteers for foundation, business, major donor, and capital campaign solicitations.
  • Coaching executive directors on improving their effectiveness.
  • Preparing interim and final reports to funders on completed grants.
  • Facilitating meetings and retreats.
  • Workshops & Classes on foundation fundraising.

We welcome your inquiries. See contact information in right column.

“As a fundraising consultant based in San Francisco, I have had the privilege of working with Judy Kunofsky for a number of years. When I require the services of a grant writer and grantor researcher, I always turn to Judy. The quality of Judy’s writing is first-rate, but what separates her from other grant writers is her extraordinary ability to understand quickly and comprehensively what a client organization does and what their grant writing needs are. Judy is the quickest of quick studies, and her skill is matched by her unflagging friendliness and good cheer. I recommend Judy unreservedly.”

— Bob Zimmerman, Zimmerman Lehman

“I knew you were great. But now I worship the ground you walk on. Thanks for your patience with a kindergartener. It’s rare.”

— Jessica A. Baron, Executive Director, Guitars in the Classroom