Peacefully produce positive perceptions
Easily excuse anything less than
Automatically analyze interior interworkin’s
Or instead improvise exterior insertions
Social success sends spirits high
A focal on the mess makes fear inside
A ceaseless rhyme
Speaks my mind
Quiet peace in time
When released, it’s fine
A bubbling magma,
a bursting of love
The trouble I have-uhh,
a thirst for above
the question I ask is “why?”
the lesson I grab is nigh
if I’m guessing my task, impressing the mass,
I’m dressing in masks, inside


an orphan

on the war front
none know whats in store for
this little man don't understand
within his hand his life's command
just spin his plan into demand
and send the land into the grand beyond...

beyond, perfect-like existance

it's more than just a mystic
here and now and wherever its there
fear no thing and you're never impaired
or scared

to give up
everything else just to live love
within ya

ya got it if ya want it
when ya find it dude
offer it don't flaunt it
in ya mind it's true
to improve you

gotta be honest with ya weakness
at its hottest so if ya speakin
just be honest
with yourself and everyone else
cause we don't want hell
for anyone, well

the things we need
we'll instinctively see
so we bring what we need
and give everything to a degree
we can handle

in our mental and our mantle
just give thanks if ya living healthy
is ya alive decide ya living wealthy
that's what yourself needs
is no more selfish dreams

but to spread the excess
within the rest
and think of whats best
for people on the brink
of unthinkable things

be their angel
lift their wings

deep within their spirit
believe it when you heart it
it's just simply clear it's

just positivity
must cause a kid to be
within thee


ya gotta live free

the main problem today
the main cause of the hate
is the way the economy affects our mindset
it's what we're gonna be it's fine that
it's capitalism
but if ya happy-and-living
it's your decision
to be trapped-in-a-prison
consumerism is a human prison
but the cage is in ya mind
it's the way of our time

sittin with my roomie and we playin some lbp
well we're free
actually creating a drawing for charlie
making a calling, we'll probly
I love him and I miss him and I took him for granted
He had me, I didn't plan it
half-brotha half-dad, it was a cover for my mad
when I had to be a father, it was nothing but a bother
however, because-a
the G-O-D
my ego's free and
I can see
that life is a journey
it's exciting never boring
when ya finding in the glory
and ya vision isn't blurry
ain't no prison made of worries
social interaction is spicy like curry
we do nicely cause we're purrry
like some cats we quite furry
like the trichromes that I'm on
right now, and like pow!
we excite the best of our fellow
brothas and uncles and fun from our friends
if ya stunk in ya bunk you'll end up with no ends
smokin' skunk in a funk, never be right with amends
but when we shine like a light we
keep God in sight we
risin' the tide
while despisin' ya pride
the sky's within our ride
if ya make a divide...

because I wanna say
be love in every way
every day
I know it's corny but if I may
be upon thee come with the way
my gift I pray
will sift through your dismay
help ya live maintained
within ya skin keep ya sane
but it's more than just plain
it's a door to the insane
open mouthed with a dab of dribble
comin down ya cheek no doubt
that you'll be weak like a baby
when the Lord comes to save thee

the apocalypse maybe
'snot what ya thought cause it's crazy
like a thief in the night
concealed the sheath of a knife
but then like breach from the light
the speaker get bright
and it reaches ya sight
and it seeks through ya life
for the meek and the mice
is what he teaches from Christ
hope it reaches ya right... NOW