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"J. M. Hochstetler’s historical novel based on the American Revolution, Daughter of Liberty, thoroughly captures the tension which hung over New England in the days immediately preceding the outbreak of hostilities. From the “shot heard round the world,” to the Battle of Bunker Hill, J. M. Hochstetler weaves a story accurate in historical detail, while simultaneously drawing the reader into the tumultuous lives of her characters. Filled with quick action, the battle scenes are so absorbing you can feel the smooth, rounded wood of a Brown Bess musket nestled against your cheek.


"CraigHart.net highly recommends Daughter of Liberty for fans of American history, or simply those who enjoy stories in which the stakes are life and death. Craig Hart’s top pick for July 2004."

Craig Hart, www.Craighart.net


"Daughter of Liberty is the first book in J.M. Hochstetler’s American Patriot Series. I found it to be a wonderful experience in reviewing the events leading to the War of the Revolution. It offers a wonderful history lesson in a great story, and all lovers of early American history will love this book. Too bad all history books are not written like this. I’ll be looking for more of J. M. Hochstetler’s works."

—Robert H. Goss, Roundtable Reviews


“The crack of the pistol’s report came from directly behind the courier. Sizzling past so close to his ear he could feel the heat of it.”


"With these words, and the impact of a rebel fieldpiece, J. M. Hochstetler’s Daughter of Liberty bursts onto the historical fiction scene. Twenty-year-old Bostonian Elizabeth Howard sympathizes with the patriots’ struggle for freedom from English oppression. Her convictions set her at odds with her parents’ pro-British sympathies, and force her to live a life of lies and deception. By day she is a debutante, by night she is a spy.


"Ruggedly handsome Jonathan Carleton was born in England, but is now a wealthy Virginian landowner. He’s committed to serving his country, but to which does he owe his allegiance? As a member of the British regulars he stands for everything Elizabeth despises. From the moment these two meet, their attraction is fiery and dangerous, and neither Jonathan nor Elizabeth suspects the other’s true allegiance. Are they destined to remain enemies forever?


"Add to this conflict a villain out to get both the hero and heroine, and a final plot twist that will delight fans of the Jane Seymour version of The Scarlet Pimpernel, and you’ve got a truly interesting read. The Revolutionary War makes a great setting for the realistic plot and action Hochstetler incorporates. Fans of American history will appreciate this novel as a painless way to learn more about the lives of such famous historical figures as General Thomas Gage, Major John Pitcairn, Paul Revere, and Dr. Joseph Warren.


"Although I am a fan of historical fiction, I was a little overwhelmed with the depth of history included in this book. The emotion of “disgust” was also used too frequently in the prose for my taste. However, the plot, the lively dialogue, and the character interaction—especially the romantic development—are fabulous, so don’t let the historical details stop you."

Diana Urban, Focus on Fiction


"I am blown away by your writing. It’s just incredible! Your talents as a gifted storyteller shine on every page, drawing us in deeper and deeper until we can almost smell the smoke of gunpowder and hear the echo of battle cries. The research is impeccable, woven through a compelling love story that keeps us guessing to the final page. The detail, the “feel” of that time period that comes across, the emotion that is absolutely palpable. You nailed it from page one all the way to page 368. A great read, leaving us wanting more. Looking forward to the sequel in this American Patriot Series!"

—Diane Moody, author of Confessions of a Prayer Slacker (2010)


"The level of historical detail struck me as quite impressive. I found it impossible to discern the exact line between historical fact and fiction. It all seems to fit together pretty seamlessly. I also thought the plotline was compelling and original. I’m not aware of too many war-themed novels that have a strong female protagonist who isn’t merely on the sidelines, screaming at the appropriate moments for her male hero to come rescue her. It’s refreshing to see one who is actively involved and ultimately is the rescuer herself, especially during a time in history that is far more focused on the activities of men than women.


"Furthermore, stories of 'forbidden love' often tend to follow the pattern of a woman fighting against her parents’ wishes for the man she loves. In this case, of course, her parents approve, and she has to fight her own inclinations. I’m pretty impressed and am looking forward to the next book."

—Jennifer Garrett


"I must tell you, I am impressed. It is one of the best books I have read in a while. You have a terrific gift of mixing fiction with history and making it come alive. History has never been one of my better subjects. I found it generally boring. But this book is far from being boring. I think I learned more about the Revolutionary War than I ever did in a classroom. I really did enjoy reading it and am looking forward to book 2."

—Sarah Topash


"While on vacation with my wife recently, I took some books to read. I can`t tell you how much I enjoyed Daughter of Liberty. I could not put this book down. From the first page to the last it was GREAT!! Please get book 2 out, I can`t wait! Thanks for a great read."

—Dave Persinger

"I picked out Daughter of Liberty as a book to read on a trip to Florida, and I loved it! My favorite books are historical fiction Christian romance novels, and this is one of my favorites out of the many, many books I have read. I knew I should have waited to read it until the whole series came out though, because now I can’t wait for the next one to come out!"

—Katie Pedlowe

"J. M. Hochstetler starts her publishing career with a winner! If only history class would have been half as interesting as her book! Hochstetler weaves history and fiction into an amazing tapestry that will excite you from the first roar of cannonball to the last scent of gunpowder. She also does a beautiful job of intertwining the faith thread of her characters as they struggle to follow God while their world turns to chaos around them. From the intrigues of Oriole and Patriot to the romantic tension of Elizabeth and Jonathan, you will be up until the wee hours for you won’t be able to put this book down until you’re finished. A must read for all lovers of historical fiction! I can’t wait for the release of Native Son, book two in the American Patriot Series."

—Jill Johnson


"If you’re a fan of history, especially American history, and want to be immersed in the culture, setting, and story of America’s most remarkable war, you owe it to yourself to read Daughter of Liberty. The book is a fresh look at history that is factual, fascinating fiction and with the forbidden romance element and the mystery and suspense of spying, you’ll enjoy riding with Elizabeth.


"I’m a huge history fan, and find relatively few fiction books on American History, and almost none with a Christian faith thread, so it was a delight to find Daughter of Liberty. I recommend this book for not only history fans, but also those who want to supplement home-school lessons and/or offer it in libraries. And, since this is first in the American Patriot Series, we have lots to look forward to."

Linda Mae Baldwin, The Road to Romance

"Can I tell you how much I enjoyed your book, Daughter of Liberty? You did a wonderful job with it! I have always had a soft spot for anything colonial and Revolutionary War related. That time period intrigues me. Unfortunately, it is very hard to find good Christian fiction written on that era.


"Standing in front of the religious fiction section at the bookstore back in June, I waffled over whether I wanted to read it or not. Would I be disappointed? Would the characters and plot be similar to all the others I’ve read in the past? Would it hold my interest long enough for me to finish it? I decided to take a chance and buy it. Within the first few chapters, Hochstetler had me hooked. I couldn’t wait to see where each unexpected twist of the plot would take me. I thoroughly liked the heroine and hero. (Who wouldn’t want a Major Carleton in their life?! I could certainly forgive Elizabeth for falling for him—I would have done the same!)


"The book’s ending came far too soon for me. How I dreaded saying “good-bye” to those people. In the “humble” opinion of one ravenous reader of Christian fiction, Daughter of Liberty met all of my reading criteria."

—Wendy L. Adams


"The novel was exceptionally written. It came with a guarantee that if you read it you would love it or the store would give you your money back. So I got it, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It left you wondering what was going to happen next. It had a plot of a love story mixed with adventure that would satisfy any reader's palate."

—Christina Rivera


"This is a gripping novel of courage and tragedy. A fitting beginning to what promises to be a popular series."

Carolyn R. Scheidies, Author’s Choice Reviews


"Some of my favorite authors are Nora Roberts, Danielle Steel, and Dee Henderson. Daughter of Liberty ranks at the top of the list!"

—Joan Peay


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