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My bookmarks, home page, and what ever I can think of. Created: 28 July 2006

 Last Update: 28 Dec 2008  - What was updated:  Distributed Computing; Adding Fourm link

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My pages within my website

Distributed Computing - All of the distributed computing sites that I have my computers working for. - Finally Here!!!!

Mobile Web Page - A web page consisting of links to web pages accessible by cell phone. At least by my cell phone: Samsung t219 Red

  Videos - Different Videos that I have seen, they will be links to the videos or they will be on my website for download to view.

Windows Xp (and some 2000) services - What services do not need to be running on your computer that would allow you to get more usage out of your comuter

My Comments (maybe blog) listings - Just some links to different sites on different subjects that I have commented on.

Christian Sites - Links to different christian artist, producers, churches, and radio stations.

Comic Strips - A listing of links to different web pages with my favorite comic strips found in newspapers. - Coming Soon

Housing - Neighborhoods - Different pages with links to housing ideas, or getting to know the area of your neighborhood (present or future). - Coming Soon

Picasa Photos - A photo album of different pictures that I have.