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JM Digital Marketing was hacked off the internet by a botnet in 2018 and we slowly trying to put the pieces back together.

About the pre-cybercrime version established 2013.

JM Digital Marketing, Jason Quinlan, I have over 17+ years of experience in Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, social media, website management, brand development, media buying and Website Design. I am not some scam “Internet marketer” with just a few months experience. I have a long and established track record of success. To make a long story short, I’ve been making money off the Internet it’s infinitesimal stages of 1997.

The company's official website can't be found here:

Here is a little more background info:

For better or worse, I made my fortune in adult. Don’t worry, I have no desire to expose you to any of that material at all and I am not necessarily seeking adult clients. It is what it is. That being said, over 30% of all web searches to this day are for adult material, making it the most highly competitive online marketplace. I quickly rose to the top of that sector, so anything less will be a cakewalk! I built, maintained, and sold three sold multimillion dollar Internet businesses and then moved on to our next venture. Heck, I even made the front page of the adult community’s leading trade publication with my decision to leave the industry. I have spoke on SEO / traffic related seminars at all of the industries top conventions to large crowds on several occasions and brought down the house every time.


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