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Non Duality is one of the pieces from  the "Afar" album.








This is a video recording of a performance of "Windows" at the Hubert Laws Masterclass at the Rotterdam Conservatory back in 1987.








 Nothing to do,nowhere to go refers to the perfection that is already present, needing no action on our part to be attained. It's the first piece I recorded while playing the Chinese  Chien Yü flute.








  A second video recording from the same Masterclass of a performance of "Stolen Moments" 


I created this video to say thanks and pay tribute to my father Tommy Devitt sr. and his good friend and fellow jazz buff  Joe Tonge. Though both in their eighties they still regularly attend live jazz gigs in Dublin. However, on occasion they may simply adjourn to a local lounge, and while sinking the black, enjoy listening together on two sets of headphones connected to a jazz laden iPod!  Their motto:

"Many are sent, but few are totally sent".





 One of my all time favourite TED talks. Ken Robinson on the importance of giving creativity a more prominent place in our education systems.



For best sound quality watch in HD.

You can download a free high quality mp3 of "iPod Jazz Club" here:

iPod Jazz Flute Club