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Flute related

Larry Krantz   Larry's pages are a goldmine of flute information. You can also join the Flute List on-line discussion group there.

Flutemagic Frans van Geffen's flute atelier. Altus, Azumi and Jupiter sales and expert maintenance.

Pip van Steen fellow flautist, composer and trio Alt colleague.

Find a flute teacher



At present I'm teaching flute at both these music schools:

De Nieuwe Muziekschool

Het Musiater

and at my private studio:

  Fluitstudio Oost


Marianne Devitt-Awater My wife's site, where she introduces her practise and the techniques used in her beautiful work.

Nico Huijbregts 

Composer, pianist, artist and writer.

Gesina Liedmeier

Gesina builds beautiful viols and other stringed instruments.

Gesina's wood-carved images.