Welcome to the home page of John Marshall High School's business department. 
Think business classes in high school are only for those who want to continue on to college to pursue a business degree?  Think again! 
You're life is a business, you will be interacting with businesses your entire life as a customer, and finally you will one day be working for a business.  Taking business courses, no matter what you future career plans entail, will have a positive impact on your life.
Since many students are unaware of the wide array of courses available to them in the business department, this site is aimed to inform you.  Throughout the site you'll find the course offerings, as well as what you can expect from each course, the completer program options, EDGE credit opportunities, and get to know the teachers.
By starting early and taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity at John Marshall, you can help yourself succeed in any field you are interested in pursuing.