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Lydia is 4!!!


Lydia On Her New

Birthday Bike!


Lydia Speak

Story--  Lydia recently watched an airplane land.  She said, "I wonder what they are doing."  After a slight pause she said, "I bet there's a baby in there.  That's what airplanes do.  They bring babies home."

"Crazy the Lord" --what Lydia sings instead of "Praise Ye The Lord" in "Hallelu, Hallelu"

"Gorilla Bar"-- Granola Bar

"Tomato Watch"-- Tornado Watch

"Chocolate Chipmunk"-- one of Lydia's favorite kinds of ice cream

"Boing-Boing Game"-- Game Boy game

"Organize"-- what we had for dinner last night.

Translation-- "stroganoff"; Lydia couldn't say stroganoff so she decided to call it "organize".

"Football" -- the movie "Pretty Woman"

Translation--I was watching this movie in a hotel room and Lydia decided to join me (don't freak--it was edited.)  Her dad came in and asked her what she was watching.  She replied, "Football.  I don't know what it's called so I'm just going to call it football."

"Picklenicker"-- pumpernickel

My favorites are...

    • Colby and Maizi my cats
    • Spangles
    • Barney
    • Riding my bike
    • Playing ball
    • Building things