07/15/08-Journey To Samantha
Day One

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Hello Everyone!

It's actually not the 15th anymore--it's the 17th in Mumbai India!  It is currently 3:00 in the morning and we are settled into our hotel room.  Our flights were great, we got all of our luggage--we are really thanking God for a smooth trip.

We should have pictures tomorrow--we are beyond exhausted and it is taking a long time to upload them.  What we have seen of India has already been amazing!  Mumbai is a city of 15 million and although India is becoming more and more Western, Mumbai seems more primitive than we expected.  But we have only seen about 20 minutes of it from the back of a very fast taxi in the middle of the night--we can't wait to see more of the city in the daylight!

Tomorrow we should finally get to meet our Samantha!  When I saw the city lights as our plane was landing, my heart was overwhelmed.  We are in our Sami's home country--it's so amazing to be here!

Please keep praying for us all--especially that our health would hold out.  We are okay, but so very tired we can hardly function and there will be little sleep tonight.  I am also having an allergy attack--not surprising, but annoying nonetheless.  Jonathan is fine, but did have a bad case of motion sickness when we arrived in Mumbai.

You are all in our thoughts--thank you for joining us in this journey!