Welcome to the Mammalian Ecology and Evolution Lab at Austin Peay State University

Broadly, we are interested in the species-environment relationship, so our research projects occur at the interface of ecology and evolution precisely at the nexus where conservation efforts are expected to have the greatest impact. 

More specifically, we use field-collected voucher specimens as a foundation to integrate environmental informatics with genetics/genomics that then enable hypothesis tests of evolutionary relationships, adaptive variation, and ecological patterns. By uniting lab-based approaches and targeted fieldwork we are better equipped to explore the continuum of variation and tease apart the effects of both historical and contemporary forces likely responsible for generating and maintaining diversity. These efforts are focused on montane mammals, a community that will require novel conservation strategies in the face of changing environments and we use jumping mice (subfamily Zapodinae) as a model system. 

voucher specimens + genetics/genomics + environmental informatics = the backbone of our research and training program. 

We focus on montane systems because of their heterogeneity and use jumping mice (subfamily Zapodinae) as a model system.

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