Ki, Life Energy, Mana, Prana, Qi, Vital Force

God (as defined at the top of the Purpose of Life page, i.e. the One, our true Self, who we really are, the universal spirit, the Heart, the essence of all things, the source of life energy, intuition, and conscience, the center of our being, the infinite, etc.) is perfect and infinite life, happiness, and health. A uniting, harmonizing, loving, healing, positive, balancing, natural, pure God-united being is free from and immune to problems, whose root cause is forgetting and straying and separating from God and God's ways, and whose ultimate solution is remembering, returning to, and reuniting with God and God's ways.

Oneness, unity, harmony, synergy, peace, love, freedom, life, happiness, and health have the potential to be perfect and infinite. The more we receive and give uniting, harmonious, love-based, healing, positive, constructive, natural, clean energy, the more our life, happiness, and health improves. The more we receive and give dirty, unnatural, destructive, negative, harmful, fear-based, dissonant, divisive energy, the more our life, happiness, and health worsens.

Our life, happiness, and health are largely determined by our inner state, our degree of connection to the source of life energy, intuition, and conscience, and the resulting condition of our spirit, mind, and emotions, and our energy bodies, which are related to our auras, that they compose, which affects the condition of our physical bodies (for more information, see the "The Spiritual Planes/Bodies and Chakras, Heaven and Hell" section below).

The fundamental qualities of life, happiness, and health, are cleanliness and nourishment, beauty and strength (yin and yang, zero amplitude and infinity frequency, peace and love, light and sound, as the Purpose of Life page explains), balancing the two being the key, just as homeostasis is a state of balance.

Humans, and individual beings in general, are part of nature, and very much like fruits. The healthy, attractive fruits are the ones that are closely connected to source energy, fresh, and both crisp, i.e. cleansing, and flavorful, i.e. nourishing. This applies to humans too. You can also compare humans to plants such as trees, and more.

To summarize, our life, happiness, and health are largely determined by the purity and strength of our hearts, minds, energy bodies, and auras, which is largely determined by the quality and quantity of our relationships with others.

Just as health is a state of harmony (oneness), illness is a state of disharmony, with different illnesses reflecting different kinds of disharmony, for example diabetes seems to relate to overindulgence, cancer to malignancy, and heart disease to stress. One's state is strongly influenced by the energies one connects with, the surrounding environment and culture and those who determine it, this is one understanding of the macrocosm-microcosm correlation, “as above, so below”, and original sin. The concept of group culture too relates to shared energies. Also, inheritance of predispositions towards certain illnesses can be understood in terms of not only unmodifiable genes, but also modifiable energies, beliefs, perspectives, behavioral patterns, and lifestyles, which affect gene expression as shown in epigenetics. By restoring harmony (oneness), in both the ecosystem and individual, life, happiness, and health can be regained.

Books About Energy Medicine
Energetic Anatomy: An Illustrated Guide to Understanding and Using the Human Energy System by Mark Rich
Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body's Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality by Donna Eden
Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field by Barbara Brennan and Jos. A. Smith
The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy by Cyndi Dale
Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies by Richard Gerber

The Spiritual Planes/Bodies and Chakras, Heaven and Hell


The spiritual planes/bodies are the various layers of our spiritual, multidimensional, energetic reality. Many esoteric philosophies including Anthoposophy, GnosticismHermeticism, RosicrucianismSant Mat, Shamanism, Theosophy, and the mystical components of the world's religions discuss the spiritual planes/bodies (Sant Mat planes). A developed spiritual body (spirit) is the reason for spiritual advancement, a developed mental body (mind) is the reason for intelligence, and a developed emotional body (emotions) is the reason for charisma and emotional intelligence, just as a developed physical energetic and physical material body (body) is the reason for physical strength.

The chakras are spiritual energy centers located throughout the body. As indicated in the table below, the spiritual plane/body roughly corresponds to the transpersonal and Crown chakras, the mental plane/body to the Crown, Third Eye, and Throat chakras, the emotional plane/body to the Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, and Sacral chakras, the physical energy plane/body to the Sacral and Root chakras, and the physical material plane/body to the Root and subpersonal chakras.

In the state of God, oneness, and Truth, all of the spiritual bodies and chakras are developed, balancedly. This can be achieved through experience, training, exercise, and practice.

The meaning of the perfectly balanced and infinitely fast spinning top/UFO in the image above is explained in the "Enlightenment, Liberation, Theory of Everything" section on the Purpose of Life page. The vertical arrows indicate the God-fall-separation-return rhythm (for more information, see the "God-Fall-Separation-Return Rhythm" section on the Purpose of Life page), that receiving involves the flow of energy in the direction of out to in, while giving involves the flow of energy in the direction of in to out, and that in a balanced system, energy circulates in both directions, up and down, in and out. The meaning of the gravitational singularity is explained in the "Spirituality and Cosmology" section below.

The spiritual planes/bodies and chakras correlate with each other and with other phenomena, including the elements. The connection between the organization of the universe and the organization of the spiritual planes/bodies and chakras of the individual is an example of how the macrocosmic universe and microcosmic individual reflect each other on a spiritual level (for more information, see the "The Elements and Theory of Evolution" section below):

Spiritual plane/body Mental (causal) plane/body Emotional (astral) plane/body Physical life energy (etheric) plane/body Physical material (physical) plane/body1, 2
Spirit Thoughts Emotions Physical energetic feelings Physical material feelings1, 2
Transpersonal (e.g. Soul Star) - Crown chakras Crown - Third Eye - Throat chakras Throat - Heart3 - Solar Plexus - Sacral chakras Sacral - Root chakras Root - subpersonal (e.g. Earth Star) chakras2
Soul, spirit Mind, brain, head Heart3, chest Gut, belly Sexual organs2
 Meditation, prayer, worship Scholarship, academics, education The arts, art, music Athletics, sports, exercise Eating, sex, war (weaponry)2, 4
Golden Age Silver Age Bronze Age Iron Age Iron Age2, 5
Satya Yuga Treta Yuga Dwapara Yuga Kali Yuga Kali Yuga2, 5
 Dodecahedron Tetrahedron  Octahedron   Icosahedron Hexahedron 
White-violet Violet-indigo-blue Blue-green-yellow-orange Orange-red Red-black2, 6
Soprano Alto Tenor Baritone Bass2, 7
Spirit Plasma Gas Liquid Solid
Spirit Light Air Water Minerals8
Source Nebulae, stars (Sun) Atmospheres (Sky) Bodies of water (Sea) Geological bodies (Earth)
Spirit Light beings9 Air-breathing life Underwater life Minerals
Being Absorbing light9 Breathing Drinking Eating
Being Living on light9 Breatharianism Water fasting Eating
 Water Fruits and Vegetables  Grains and Legumes Fatty fruits Seeds, nuts, animal foods2
 Spiritual power Solar power Wind power Hydropower Fossil fuels, nuclear power, etc.2

1. Different sources categorize these planes differently, the main idea is that just as we often say we're composed of spirit, mind, and body and have auras, we have various spiritual, mental, and emotional energy/subtle bodies. Spirit is the highest frequency, most equilibratory, freest, lightest, subtlest energy level, and underlies thought, which underlies emotion, which underlies physicality.

2. These rows are personal estimates. The main idea is that the entries are organized by lightness, the highest frequency, most equilibratory, freest, lightest, subtlest entries are closest to spirit (the higher/inner planes/bodies are often called the "subtle" planes/bodies, and the lower/external planes/bodies the "gross" planes/bodies). This is similar to the concept of planetary differentiation as applied to the universe as a whole, which says that lighter portions of macroscopic structures naturally rise to the top, while denser portions sink to the bottom. There's a lot of conflicting information out there about the organization and connections regarding all of the entries on this table, and about spirituality in general, I've presented the organization and connections that I believe are accurate.

3. The Heart/heart is mentioned many other times on this site, generally in these instances it’s God, spirit, the source, which relates to the spiritual body and transpersonal chakras, that’s referred to, rather than the heart chakra and physical organ as is the case here. The true location of our essence, the source of spiritual energy and the mind, and the center of our being seems to be represented by the spiritual body and first, highest transpersonal chakra, chakra above the head, as mentioned below, rather than by the emotional body and heart chakra, which are more external and lower.

4. The spiritual planes/bodies and chakras the phenomena they correlate with provide a definitive, natural basis for organizing society, for which purpose various models have been proposed across the world throughout history.

5. For more information, see the "The Cycles of Time" section on the Purpose of Life page.

6. Rainbows are great examples of the organization of the colors into concentric circles.

7. For examples of high frequency sound/music that resonates with the higher spiritual planes/bodies and chakras, see this "Healing Music" YouTube videos playlist.

8. For more information, see the "The Elements and Theory of Evolution" section below.

9. These exist in heavens, higher-dimensional light realities. For evidence of heavens, higher-dimensional light realities, see the end of the "Enlightenment, Liberation, Theory of Everything" section on the Purpose of Life page.

There are said to be an infinite number of transpersonal chakras, chakras above the head. The first, highest one represents the point of God, oneness, Truth, gratitude, love, life, happiness, health, freedom, peak performance, the highest, most expanded state of consciousness, the origin of source energy, the source of the mind and thought, harmony, balance, including among yin and yang, receiving and giving, and among the spiritual planes/bodies and chakras, and alignment. It's represented by the spinning top/UFO in the image above.

Accordingly, the state of heaven is essentially one of centeredness on the higher frequencies of reality, spiritual planes/bodies, and chakras.

In contrast, the state of hell is essentially one of disconnection from the higher frequencies of reality, spiritual planes/bodies, and chakras, and excessive focus on the lower frequencies of reality, spiritual planes/bodies, and chakras instead

This explains why heaven has traditionally been associated with spiritual activities, the color white (e.g. purity), light, high frequency music, light (the light element), and a location above in the "heavens" (the light element, stars), while hell has traditionally been associated with lust and war, the colors red (e.g. red devils) and black (e.g. darkness), heavy, low frequency music, darkness (the absence of light, the light element), a location below in the underworld in the center of the Earth (the mineral element, the densest part of the geological body of the Earth), and the heat/passion associated with the lower chakras and the center of the EarthThe spirit and light stages of evolution that Earth is evolving towards are basically heaven, while the first time period of Earth's history during which it existed at the mineral stage of evolution is named Hadean for Hades, the Greek term for hell (for more information, see the "The Elements and Theory of Evolution" section below).

This explains the meaning of the terms "high energies/vibrations/consciousness" and "low energies/vibrations/consciousness" in general as well, and also why according to the Great Year concept, the Golden Age or Satya Yuga is defined by spirituality and enlightenment, i.e. the higher frequencies of reality, spiritual planes/bodies, and chakras, while the Iron Age or Kali Yuga is defined by materialism (physicality) and darkness, i.e. the lower frequencies of reality, spiritual planes/bodies, and chakras (for more information, see the "The Cycles of Time" section on the Purpose of Life page).

The effectiveness of centering on the higher spiritual planes/bodies and chakras also explains the reason for the spiritual practices of devotion to God and meditation, the Christian teaching to be in the world, but not of it, the "straight and narrow path" concept, the Indian principle of detachment, the common warning against overindulging in worldly pleasures, and the description of the lower chakras as "the gutter" (for more information, see the "God-Fall-Separation-Return Rhythm" section on the Purpose of Life page).

The current global sustainability crisis is also a spiritual crisis related to humanity’s movement downwards towards the lower frequencies, spiritual bodies/planes, and chakras, including by losing connection with spirit, and by overusing resources related to the mineral element.

In fact, all polarities between God-oneness-Truth and separation-division/duality-ignorance, many of which are described on this site, for instance in the "Enlightenment, Liberation, Theory of Everything", "The Omega and the Alpha", "God-Fall-Separation-Return Rhythm", "Spirituality and Socio-Politico-Economics", and "The Cycles of Time" sections on the Purpose of Life page, and in the "The Elements and Theory of Evolution" section below, relate to the polarity between the higher frequencies of reality, spiritual planes/bodies, and chakras, and the lower ones.

(The reality of the spiritual planes/bodies closely matches the ideas Plato presents in his tripartite theory of soul. The mental body corresponds to Plato's rational part, the emotional body to Plato's spirited part, and the physical energy and physical material bodies to Plato's appetitive part. Many of the beliefs Plato presents in his tripartite theory of soul are accurate. Here are some examples:
- Success is created when all the parts of the soul function harmoniously.
- Society is naturally organized according to the order of the parts of the soul.
- The rational part is associated with leadership.
- The rational part corresponds to the head, the spirited part to the heart, and the appetitive part to the gut.

The gunas from Indian philosophy, sattva, rajas, and tamas, also relate similarly.)

Note: all of the frequencies of reality, spiritual planes/bodies, chakras, and elements serve a purpose and are necessary in a balanced system, and the state of God, oneness, and Truth is equality-based and inclusive, so this isn't to say that the lower energies are totally bad, it's excessive focus on them and not focusing on God, oneness, and Truth that's harmful.
365 Golden Keys to a Completely Free Life"Five Bodies of Man", pp. 26-28, by Masaharu Taniguchi Ph.D.
The Science of Homeopathy, Chapters 2-3, by George Vithoulkas

The Elements and Theory of Evolution

The spiritual-chemical-biological elements of life are:

Here "spirit" is pure spirit, the essence of all things. The natural order is key, spirit is the highest frequency, most equilibratory, freest, lightest, subtlest element, then light (plasma), air (gas), water (liquid), and minerals (solid).
These elements correlate with other phenomena:

Spiritual plane/body/chakrasSpiritSpiritSourceSpiritBeingBeing 
Mental plane/body/chakras PlasmaLightNebulae, stars (Sun)Light beings2Absorbing light2Living on light2
 Emotional plane/body/chakrasGasAirAtmospheres (Sky)Air-breathing lifeBreathing  Breatharianism
 Physical life energy plane/body/chakrasLiquidWaterBodies of water (Sea)Underwater lifeDrinking Water fasting
 Physical material plane/body/chakras1SolidMineralsGeological bodies (Earth)MineralsEating Eating

1. This column is a personal estimate.

2. These exist in heavens, higher-dimensional light realities. For evidence of heavens, higher-dimensional light realities, see the end of the "Enlightenment, Liberation, Theory of Everything" section on the Purpose of Life page.

For more information, see the table in the "The Spiritual Planes/Bodies and Chakras, Heaven and Hell" section above.

Spirit, light, air, water, and minerals are the essential elemental requirements for life, for example for plants to grow these are the essential elemental nutrients they need.

Spirit, light, air, water, and minerals also compose the structure of the universe with regards to living planetary environments. All-encompassing spirit contains and emanates light, as in the light of God, Heaven, halos, auras, and divine beings, the biblical phrase, "Let there be light", the concepts of “enlightenment” and “illumination”, the New Age phrase, "light and love", and the sun, which many ancient peoples deified. Light contains and emanates air, the photochemical interactions between sunlight and atmospheres which are encompassed by and absorb it are essential to the formation of air. Air contains and emanates water, it contains water vapor which can form clouds and rain, and encompasses lakes, rivers, and oceans. And water contains and emanates minerals, it contains dissolved minerals, and lakes, rivers, and oceans encompass the geological bodies of planets, the cores of which are condensed heavy metals. The concept of planetary differentiationwhich says that lighter portions of planetary bodies naturally rise to the top, while denser portions sink to the bottom, applies also to the universe as a whole.
Conversely, minerals dissolve into water, which dissolves into air, which dissolves into light, which dissolves into spirit.

The structure just described can be illustrated using concentric circles as in the image above.

The connection between the organization of the universe and the organization of the spiritual planes/bodies and chakras of the individual is an example of how the macrocosmic universe and microcosmic individual reflect each other on a spiritual level (for more information, see the "The Spiritual Planes/Bodies and Chakras, Heaven and Hell" section above).

Spirit, light, air, water, and minerals provide a spiritual explanation of evolution, too. Pure spirit is the essence and source of all things. Next on the spiritual, evolutionary scale are heavenly, higher-dimensional light beings such as the Creator, beings to whom worlds are thoughtforms, solar systems like atoms, and humans like cells, goddesses and gods, angels, legendary, celestial, magical, and other supernatural beings, extraterrestrials, and spirits. After them comes air-breathing life that can live on land above water, including humans. The difference between light beings and us is on a level similar to that of the difference between us and the following group, underwater life that has yet to evolve the ability to respire air, science tells us that the earliest lifeforms on Earth depended on water to respire. Finally are minerals, as many ancient peoples knew, even minerals, especially crystals and gems, have consciousness, there’s a line in the song “Colors of the Wind” by Pocohantas that says, “every rock and tree and creature. Has a life, has a spirit, has a name.”

Conversely, evolution can be seen as, in addition to a blending process, a progression from the mineral element to the spirit one, spanning across lifetimes through reincarnation.  

The evolution of planets such as Earth (Gaia) too follows this order. The Earth began as rock, which signifies a mineral stage of evolution. Next, the Earth developed oceans and underwater life, which signify a water stage of evolution. Then, the Earth developed a life-sustaining atmosphere and air-breathing life that could live on land above water, including humans, which signify an air stage of evolution. And now, humans worldwide are awakening to a greater spiritual reality that involves subjects such as environmental sustainability, natural healing practices, ancient civilizations, reincarnation, ascension, spiritual abilities and planes, higher-dimensional beings such as extraterrestrials, angels, gods and goddesses, and the Creator, and universal oneness. All things considered, including the previously mentioned relationship between light and spirit, and the order of the elements, it makes sense to think that this greater spiritual reality signifies an approaching light stage of evolution that transcends the present air stage just as the present air stage transcends the past water stage, that an even more advanced spirit stage exists as well, and that biological, chemical, and spiritual evolution are one and the same. This Wikipedia image conveys this conception of Earth's evolution.

For evidence of a light stage of evolution, see the end of the "Enlightenment, Liberation, Theory of Everything" section on the Purpose of Life page. And for more information about these ideas, see the "Enlightenment, Liberation, Theory of Everything" and "The Omega and the Alpha" sections on the Purpose of Life page.

This order can be seen in the growth of other lifeforms such as humans and plants too. A human begins as a zygote planted in a uterus (physicality, minerals), next it grows in the womb surrounded by amniotic fluid and nourished through its mother's blood (water), then it's born and takes its first breath (air), finally it spends the rest of its life reaching for light, the stars, truth (light), and ultimately God (spirit). A plant begins as a seed planted in the ground (physicality, earth, minerals), next as it's watered it begins to germinate (water), then it sprouts above the ground and reaches the air (air), finally it spends the rest of its life continuing to grow and reaching for the sun (light).

Spirit, light, air, water, and minerals furthermore form the organization of individual, separate entities such as celestial, heavenly, higher-dimensional kingdoms and their starship worlds. Pure spirit exists at the heart of their inner circles, just as monarchs and healers have traditionally been associated with divine powers, and the four subsequent elements are layered accordingly. One function of minerals, the outer layer, is to provide protection, as the shells of turtles, armor, shields, and swords of knights, military equipment, and walls of castles do:

Here's a video about starship worlds (starting at 6:11).

(The concentric circles image at the beginning of this section represents unity consciousness, being a spirit-predominant form that depicts the structure of the universe as a whole, whereas the image above represents separation consciousness, being a more minerals-predominant, protective form.

Also, the meaning of image above overlaps with the meaning of the logarithmic spiral, e.g. the center corresponds to spirit, the highest spiritual plane/body and chakra, zero amplitude and infinity frequency, etc.)

Spirit, light, air, water, and minerals suggest a definitive meaning to the classical elements as well. The classical elements, commonly identified as aether, fire, air, water, and earth, are a universal spiritual theme, they’re emphasized in the spiritual philosophies of ancient peoples worldwide, including the Africans, Babylonians, Celts, Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, Indians, Japanese, Native Americans, Norse, Persians, and Tibetans, and appear often in fantasy stories, such as those of Captain Planet, DC and Marvel Comics, Magic the Gathering, Naruto, and Pokemon. One explanation of their meaning is that they’re the basic materials that compose all matter. However, there are many substances that don’t seem to qualify as aether, fire, air, water, or earth, some examples are the hydrogen and helium conglomerates that make up gas giants like Jupiter, liquid nitrogen, and dry ice. Another explanation is that they’re the elements of nature. However, this doesn’t explain the special significance of the usual five that are selected out of the many possible natural elements it seems could be identified. Also, it's not clear what the true identities of the classical elements are, as they vary between traditions, for instance, instead of aether and air, the Chinese elements consist of wood and metal. However, if you interpret aether as spirit as is often done, substitute sunlight for fire, which is sensible considering that the elements are supposed to correspond to the states of matter, plasma, gas, liquid, and solid, and the sun is a plasma like fire, and interpret Earth as minerals, a definitive meaning emerges, spirit, light, air, water, and minerals are significant for the reasons mentioned earlier.

Many of the concepts in this section such as that of the natural order of the elements according to lightness, the spirit-like nature of aether, and organization into concentric circles were discussed by ancient philosophers such as Aristotle. Ancient civilizations were actually in many ways closer to spirit and spiritual truth than we are today.

Here are estimated examples of sound tracks that correspond to the different spiritual planes, chakras, densities of matter, and elements:
Many pop songs like this one too resemble the water element

Note: Though some deep sea organisms may be able to live without direct exposure to sunlight for example, all life does seem to depend on ecological, biogeochemical cycles that require all the discussed elements, and more advanced lifeforms do depend on light more directly.

The Elements and Theory of Evolution Video

Gaia theory

Spirituality and Cosmology (Work in Progress)

God, dark (invisible)/vacuum/zero-point energy
Higher frequencies, spiritual planes/bodies, and chakras
High frequency and entropy, equilibrium, freedom, lightness, subtleness


Gravitational singularity, gravity
Lower frequencies, spiritual planes/bodies, and chakras
Low frequency and entropy, disequilibrium, bondage, denseness, crudeness

The conception of evolution in the "The Elements and Theory of Evolution" section above as a progression from the mineral element, or solid state of matter, to the spirit state, i.e. towards higher frequency, more equilibratory, freer, lighter, subtler states of matter, matches the description of spiritual evolution by esoteric philosophies as a progression from the lower, outer, more bonded, denser, cruder/grosser spiritual planes/bodies, to the subtler, lighter, freer, inner, higher spiritual planes/bodies.

This conception of evolution also matches with the second law of thermodynamics, which says that the universe constantly increases in entropy, a measurement closely related to equilibrium (thermodynamic equilibrium) and freedom (e.g. degrees of freedom). The states of matter also represent levels of entropy, i.e. equilibrium and freedom, the entropy of the plasma state is higher than that of the gas state, which is higher than that of the liquid state, which is higher than that of the solid state. (On a related note, the states of matter also represent frequency levels, the kinetic energy/vibrational frequency of the plasma state is higher than that of the gas state, which is higher than that of the liquid state, which is higher than that of the solid state. Planck’s equation E = hf is one expression of the direct relationship between energy and frequency.)

This conception of evolution, especially in combination with the concept of perpetual and exponential growth as exhibited in logarithmic spirals and stock market charts that's mentioned on the Purpose of Life page, also matches with the Big Bang theory, which says that the universe has been expanding, i.e. increasing in equilibrium, freedom, lightness, subtleness, and entropy, ever since it began as an infinitely dense singularity, will continue to expand forever, and is expanding at an accelerating, i.e. exponential, rate.

The concept of a plant growing from a seed, a nutrient (e.g. minerals)-rich, maximally dense state, too, matches with the Big Bang theory, which says that the universe has been expanding, i.e. growing, ever since it began as an infinitely dense singularity.

The spiritual values of equality/equilibrium and freedom match with the equilibrium and freedom that the universe naturally evolves towards as it constantly increases in entropy in accordance with the second law of thermodynamics.

The concept of spirit being the ultimate destiny of evolution and source of Creation, associated with the classical element aether and higher dimensions that are beyond the ordinary person's ability to perceiveeven more fundamental than plasma which makes up 99% of the ordinary matter in the universe, and the most equilibratory, freest, lightest, subtlest state, matches with science's hypothesis that dark (invisible)/vacuum/zero-point energy is associated with the vacuum energy of space (with one model calling dark energy "quintessence", another word for aether), makes up the majority of the energy in the universe, and is the cause of its accelerating expansion. The concept of dark (invisible) matter too is interesting.

Spiritual belief systems often describe a negative power that works in the opposite direction of God and is associated with the lower frequencies of reality, spiritual planes/bodies and chakras, desire, lust, deception, darkness, sin, force, violence, destruction, and evil. This negative power matches with gravity. If God is complete and infinite equilibrium, freedom, and lightness, which the universe naturally evolves towards, e.g. as it constantly increases in entropy in accordance with the second law of thermodynamics, then gravity pulls the universe in the opposite direction, towards conglomeration, bondage, and condensity, such as into superclusters, galaxies, solar systems, and planets. Also, just as the negative spiritual power pulls entities downwards and has a grounding effect, so does gravity. And, the destructive influence of the negative spiritual power matches with the crushing influence of gravity. The destructive power of the physical plane and mineral element, e.g. weaponry, too is notable. The connection between the negative spiritual power and gravity also means that gravitational singularities, the most extreme examples of gravity, theoretical infinitely dense entities that create infinitely strong gravitational effects, such as the initial state of the universe before the Big Bang and the centers of black holes, are at the complete opposite end of the spiritual spectrum from God. Just as God is infinitely light, gravitational singularities are infinitely dense. Also, just as God is the Omega and the Alpha, the end and the beginning, both the end goal of evolution and beginning source of life at once (for more information, see the "The Omega and the Alpha" section on the Purpose of Life page), so are gravitational singularities the Omega and the Alpha, in the opposite way, the centers of black holes are the final destination of creation when gravity pulls entities out of our universe, and the initial state of the universe before the Big Bang is the beginning point of the evolution of our universe (for more images that illustrate this idea, see the "The Spiritual Planes/Bodies and Chakras, Heaven and Hell" section above).

Omega       Alpha 
   Alpha       Omega 
Gravitational singularity

The connection between the heat/passion associated with the lower chakras, the center of the Earth, and hell (for more information, see the "The Spiritual Planes/Bodies and Chakras, Heaven and Hell" section above), and the high temperature of the initial state of the universe, too, is notable (as a note, temperature is inversely related to degrees of freedom, heat capacity is directly related to degrees of freedom, and denser substances tend to have lower heat capacities, i.e. the temperature of denser substances tends to be easier to raise, denser substances tend to be hotter).

Again, the existence of God, a source of complete and infinite equilibrium and freedom, matches with the necessity of a higher power driving the universe towards equilibrium and freedom to explain its perpetual and exponential growth and expansion, especially considering the existence of sources of seemingly infinite gravity, such as gravitational singularities, that pull the universe in the opposite direction, towards condensity and contraction. Again, dark (invisible)/vacuum/zero-point energy relates here (for more information about zero-point energy, see the "Perpetual Motion" section on the Purpose of Life page, one of the sources discusses the connection between zero-point energy and dark energy).

Also relevant again is the concept of planetary differentiation as applied to the universe as a whole, which says that lighter portions of macroscopic structures naturally rise to the top, while denser portions sink to the bottom. Again, God pulls entities upwards, while gravity pulls entities downwards.

The match between spiritual and physical cosmological principles further demonstrates how spirituality and science converge into one Truth. Also, the match between the polarity between the higher and lower frequencies of reality, spiritual planes/bodies, and chakras and the polarity between God/entropy and gravity/gravitational singularities further demonstrates how the microcosmic individual and macrocosmic universe reflect each other on a spiritual level.

Considering the spiritual, infinite, eternal nature of Creation, it’s doubtful that there will be a permanent death of the physical universe as is predicted in some hypotheses. Rather, God, the perfect and infinite, universal and foundational higher power driving Creation towards complete and infinite equilibrium and freedom, will ultimately cause it to continue on blooming towards greater wonders forever.

Ideal Diet

Guiding Principles

Balancing cleansing and nourishing/building foods: as the "Yin and Yang, Zero Amplitude and Infinity Frequency, Peace and Love" section on the Purpose of Life page and "Ki, Life Energy, Mana, Prana, Qi, Vital Force" section above explain, the state of life, happiness, and health balances two qualities, cleanliness and nourishment. Cleansing foods include raw fruits and vegetables, and nourishing/building foods include grains, legumes, fatty fruits, seeds, nuts, and animal foods.

Vegetarianism and humane foods: there are many spiritual, ethical, health, social, environmental, and economic reasons to choose vegetarianism and humane foods. To evolve towards greater oneness, peace and love, we must purify ourselves as much as possible, and be free from violence. Also, if we want to receive grace from more powerful beings, we must give the same to less powerful beings such as animals. It's reasonable to think that all humans can thrive on a vegetarian diet after adapting.

Natural and live foods: foods in the diet are fresh and if appropriate, raw, seeds including grains, legumes, seeds, and nuts are sprouted or soaked, and cooked food is cooked gently, e.g. steamed or boiled. Local and organic foods, too, are preferred.

Whole foods: whole foods, such as whole milk products like whole fat kefir, yogurt, and milk, have advantages as compared to fractionated foods, such as cheese and reduced fat milk.

Grains and legumes: grains and legumes and the protein they provide are valuable for vegetarian diets long-term. Sticking to gluten-free grains and sprouting, soaking, and/or culturing them helps to resolve their issues.

Salt: the body requires adequate, balanced sodium intake.

Herbs and spices: these plant substances have medicinal properties and their flavor completes meals. Basil, cultured vegetables, cumin, garlic, ginger, horseradish, mustard, nori, onions, paprika, parsley, peppers such as black pepper, cayenne pepper, crushed red pepper, and jalapenos, radishes, sage, turmeric, wasabi, and many other herbs and spices have powerful healing properties.

Food combining: in many people's experience, some food combinations digest more efficiently than others.

Sequential eating: eating foods one at a time in order of lightest to heaviest is another way to improve digestion.

Limiting the number of foods per meal: another way to simplify meals and improve digestion.

Vegetarian and humane animal foods (e.g. dairy and eggs): there exists the potential of developing nutritional deficiencies on diets that limit animal foods. Many who try veganism eventually become malnourished. Even Ghandi was impelled to include milk in his diet. More information can be found in articles about veganism on:

Raw, non-homogenized, whole milk: There are advantages to taking clean milk in its natural and unprocessed form. Including clean cultured milk products such as kefir and yogurt in vegetarian diets can be worthwhile, even if milk has its pros and cons.

About the Diet

This diet was created by putting together messages from the body and dietary principles like puzzle pieces in order to end up with an as ideal as possible a diet. The content and order are essential, but the quantities and times are adjustable, this adjustability would enable the diet to work for many. The quantities listed are estimates of what an average, balanced, fully-grown person living in the tropics would require, warmer temperatures call for more cooling foods, carbohydrates, and saturated fat such as the fat in coconuts, while cooler temperatures call for more warming foods, fat, and unsaturated fat such as the fat in avocados and olives.

The Diet

Breakfast (≈ 8 am)
Fruits (≈ 1 serving)

Lunch (≈ 12 pm)
Vegetables (≈ 6 servings)
Sprouted or soaked grains and legumes (≈ 36 oz.)
Fatty fruits (e.g. avocados, coconutsolivespalm fruits) (≈ 6 oz.)

Dinner (≈ 6 pm)
Culturedraw if possiblenon-homogenized whole milk product (e.g. kefir, yogurt) (≈ 16 oz.)
Or unfertilized, free-range eggs (≈ 4)

Snack (≈ 8 pm)
Sprouted or soaked seeds and nuts (≈ 3 oz.)

As desired
Water, unrefined salt, herbs, spices


- An amazing cleansing tonic is created by mixing water, raw apple cider vinegar, fresh lemon/lime juice, baking soda, cayenne pepper, ginger, and optional natural sweeteners such as blackstrap molasses, maple syrup, and honey. This combines the traditional apple cider vinegar and honey recipe, Stanley Burroughs' lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup recipe from The Master Cleanser, baking soda, which in addition to having health benefits neutralizes the acidic taste of the apple cider vinegar and lemon/lime juice, and ginger.

- Substituting raw vegetables for raw fruits for the breakfast meal is a possibility that helps reduce sugar intake.

- Substitute minimally processed foods, such as sprouted grain and sourdough bread and sprouted grain cereal as compared to grains and legumes, olive oil as compared to olives, coconut butter and oil as compared to coconuts, seed and nut butters as compared to seeds and nuts, and cheese as compared to whole milk products, can be helpful.

- Combining the lunch and dinner meals into one seems to be a reasonably effective possibility.

- In addition to things not mentioned, I limit the following, too:
Sugars, including from natural sources such as fruits, natural sweeteners, and vegetables
Gluten: unsprouted/unfermented barley, rye, wheat, etc.
Addictive stimulants, e.g. caffeine: coffee, etc.
Unfermented soy


- The diet doesn't follow the recommendation to eat vegetables with fat to increase carotenoid absorption. Fruits, too, are carotenoid-rich, and it seems unlikely that they should be eaten with fat, they especially seem complete in themselves. Additionally, it seems unlikely that this principle would apply only to humans, and that when animals eat carotenoid-rich food, such as when cows eat grass, they too should be eating them with fat. Perhaps in this case more absorption isn’t important, I've read that fat-soluble vitamins like carotenoids are more likely to be involved in overdose.

- Both legumes and fatty fruits seem to combine well with starch, and though there's conflicting information about this out there, much if not most of it supports this.

Example Day

Cocktail (cleansing tonic) (≈ 7 am)
Baking soda, cayenne pepper, fresh lemon/lime juice, ginger, raw apple cider vinegar, water (≈ 8 oz.)

Breakfast (≈ 8 am)
Apples (≈ 1/4), cinnamon

Lunch (≈ 12 pm)
Cabbage, celery, cucumbers, daikon, lettuce, tomatoes (≈ 12 oz.)
Vegetable stew (≈ 12 oz.)
Sprouted lentils, mung beans, steamed sprouted brown rice, maize, millet, pinto beans (≈ 36 oz.)
Avocados, coconuts, olives, palm fruits (≈ 6 oz.)

Dinner (≈ 6 pm)
Raw if possible, non-homogenized, whole milk kefir (≈ 16 oz.)

Snack (≈ 8 pm)
Sprouted almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts (≈ 3 oz.)

As desired
Water, unrefined salt, herbs, spices

Example Day Image


- Since adopting the diet, I’ve felt physically content, even sleep has been deeper with vivider dreams. Each meal feels complete, while also inducing appetite for the next.

- The diet consists of carbohydrate foods until the end of lunch, then switches to fat/protein foods. This accords with the fact that carbohydrates burn faster and are the more appropriate fuel for higher metabolic activity, for instance during the day, while fat and protein burn slower and are the more appropriate fuels for lower metabolic activity, for instance during the late afternoon and evening. By providing the appropriate types of fuel at the appropriate times of day, the diet helps to regulate energy levels throughout the day, prevent the issues with sugar, and induce restful sleep.

The diet follows the pattern:

Breakfast: simple/light carbohydrate →
Lunch: complex/heavy carbohydrate →
Dinner: complex/heavy fat/protein →
Snack: simple/light fat/protein →

Lunch is the largest, heaviest meal, and the simpler, lighter carbohydrates and fats and proteins, fruits and seeds and nuts, are eaten in the morning and evening, and in smaller quantities as is often recommended. This accords with the fact that nature's cycles, including the digestive cycle, follow the pattern rise→peak→fall→valley→, for example, the life cycle peaks in early adulthood, the yearly cycle peaks at the summer solstice, the lunar cycle peaks at the full moon, and the daily cycle peaks at noon. This pattern is even embedded in the yin yang symbol, though the cycle isn't centered at the peak:

The digestive cycle closely mirrors the daily cycle, with digestion being stronger in the middle of the day, such as around moon, and weaker in the morning and evening. By synchronizing with the digestive cycle, the diet helps to optimize metabolic functioning throughout the day.

- The diet includes all the major food groups available to the vegetarian diet in every daily cycle, which helps to maintain regularity.

- In the end, this way of putting together the vegetarian diet is the best one for me, and may be helpful for many others too. Everything about the diet is the way it is for a reason, for example, for me at least, grains and legumes without fat leads to hunger soon after and fatty fruits combine well with grains and legumes while other fat foods don't, and omitting seeds and nuts in the evening leads to feeling incomplete and late evening hunger. It clicks like the solution to a complex math problem.


- The diet harmonizes with principles that apply to everyone and is helpful to use as a starting point, at the same time everyone is unique and no one exact same diet is best for everyone.

- It can be challenging to follow the diet while also participating in meals with others and maintaining a busy life.

- There are many who seem to thrive on vegan diets, which are ideologically preferable if they can be sustained long-term, even over generations.

Ideal Diet Video

Bragg Healthy Lifestyle: Vital Living to 120! by Patricia Bragg and Paul C. Bragg
Can We Live 150 Years?: Your Body Maintenance Handbook by Mikhail Tombak, Ph.D.
Healing With Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition by Paul Pitchford
Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats by Sally Fallon with Mary G. Enig, Ph.D.
Staying Health With the Seasons by Elson M. Haas, M.D.
The Hippocrates Diet and Health Program by Ann Wigmore

Crystals, Gems, and Precious Metals

Throughout history, people have treasured minerals such as crystals, gems, and precious metals, for instance crystals in the legendary civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria, lapis lazuli in Ancient Egypt, jade in China, and diamonds and gold in modern day society. They're a hallmark of luxurious lifestyles, crown jewels such as crowns, coronets, diadems, tiaras, sceptres, orbs, robes, and swords are prized possessions of monarchs, royalty, and aristocrats worldwide, among the general public too, jewelry such as necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings, and bracelets are highly valued, and powerful characters are often associated with these objects in storiesSpecial minerals have traditionally been linked with birth months and anniversary years. Magical minerals are a common theme in folklore, books, movies, TV shows, and video games, for instance in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and "The Lord of the Rings" series. Awards such as decorations, medals, badges, plaques, and trophies have traditionally been made with special metals. These materials are often integrated into temples, cathedrals, chapels, palaces, castles, mansions, and other renowned architecture. Mining for diamonds, emeralds, gold, pearls, rubies, sapphires, and other minerals, is highly lucrative.

People's widespread, strong affinity for these substances is supporting evidence of their healing and other metaphysical properties.
Some amazing minerals:

Clear/white/colorless/high vibration

Anandalite, Angel Phantom/Amphibole Quartz, Apophyllite, Azeztulite, Beryllonite, Brookite, Calcites, Chondrite Meteorite, Clear Quartz, Cryolite, Danburite, Datolite, Diamond, Elestial Angel Calcite, Elestial Quartz, Fulgurite, Herderite, Herkimer Diamond, Heulandite, Kyanites, Labradorite/Spectrolite, Lemurian Light Crystal, Lemurian Seed Quartz, Merkabite Calcite, Moonstone, Natrolite, Nirvana Quartz, Optical Calcite, Pallasite Meteorite, Pearl, Petalite, Phenacite, Rainbow Moonstone, Rhodizite, Satyaloka Quartz, Scolecite, Selenite, Star Hollandite Quartz, Stellar Beam Calcite, Tremolite


Amethyst, Auralite 23, Charoite, Lilac Lepidolite, Strombolite/Spurrite, Sugilite, Super Seven Stone, Tanzanite, Tiffany Stone, Yttrium Flourite


Ajoite, Angelite, Aquamarine, Blue Aventurine, Blue Lace Agate, Celestite, Dumortierite, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise


Bloodstone, Emerald, Green Aventurine, Jade, Malachite, Moldavite, Moss Agate, Peridot, Seraphinite


Chalcopyrite, Citrine, Golden Labradorite, Golden Rutilated Quartz, Libyan Gold Tektite, Pyrite, Tiger Eye


Carnelian, Creedite, Orange Calcite, Orange Elestial Quartz, Sunstone, Tangerine Quartz


Rhodocrosite, Rose Quartz


Almandine Garnet, Cinnabar, Fire Agate, Lithium Quartz, Red Jasper, Rhodolite Garnet, Ruby


Aegirine, Apache Tears, Black Andradite (Melanite) Garnet, Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Dravite, Hematite, Jet, Lodestone, Nuummite, Sardonyx, Shungite, Smokey Quartz, Tibetan Tektite, Tourmalated Quartz


copper, gold, platinum, silver

The minerals are often much more affordable when they're still in their natural state, before they're turned into jewelry. Wrapping them in wire creates beneficial effects. Some places they can be found online are ebay and Etsy.

Crystals, Gems, and Precious Metals Image

Crystals, gems, and precious metals of all the colors of the rainbow

Note: when using crystals, gems, and precious metals, please be sure to stay grounded, such as by balancing high vibration stones with grounding stones.

Crystal Enlightenment: The Transforming Properties of Crystals and Healing Stones (Crystal Trilogy, Vol. 1) by Katrina Raphaell
Crystal Power, Crystal Healing: The Complete Handbook by Michael Gienger
LOVE IS IN THE EARTH: The Crystal & Mineral Encyclopedia--The LIITE Fantastic, The Last Testament by Melody
The Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian
The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

Spirituality and Science

As this site demonstrates spirituality and science converge into one Truth. The information on this site is consistent with and would be confirmed by science, and we can also discern the value and truth of much of it ourselves, as experience shows that a healthy (clean and nourished) spirit, living in harmony with the laws of nature, positive, pure energy, intuition, life (nature), and values such as oneness, peace, love, and freedom hold keys to happiness, health, and healing. While our current science has accomplished amazing things, there are others outside of our scientific community whose understanding of life and the universe is more advanced in many ways, as many spiritual beliefs, and those who held them, were right before they were understood by mainstream science, for instance this was the case regarding the health benefits of meditation, and the necessity of environmental stewardship. This shows that true spiritual knowledge exists, even if much spiritual knowledge is incomplete in modern times, many spirituality-related claims aren't true, and spirituality and natural medicine are often derided as pseudoscience.

Nature-based (universal) spirituality

Books About Herbs
Rosemary Gladstar's Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner's Guide: 33 Healing Herbs to Know, Grow, and Use by Rosemary Gladstar
School of Natural Healing by Dr. John R. Christopher
The Complete Book of Herbs: A Practical Guide to Growing and Using Herbs by Lesley Bremness
The Complete Medicinal Herbal: A Practical Guide to the Healing Properties of Herbs, with More Than 250 Remedies for Common Ailments by Penelope Ody
The Herb Book by John Lust
The New Age Herbalist: How to Use Herbs for Healing, Nutrition, Body Care, and Relaxation by Richard Mabey

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