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This site is about the universal truths uniting and at the heart of all religions, and contains many answers to the challenging questions about life, some of which are explained using concepts from math, which is often considered a universal language, and images. While the site may be essential in style, the information is of high quality and much of it is original and rare, you'll even find the ultimate Truth that sets you free here, see the "Enlightenment, Liberation, Theory of Everything" section on the Purpose of Life page, including the video. I hope you'll enjoy exploring it and that it'll be of value for you. If it is, stay connected with and share the info., let's get this knowledge out to as many as possible as soon as possible. 
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After graduating from high school and entering college and the real world, I had many questions about life and the world, questions I'm sure many others have too. What is the purpose of life? What is spiritual enlightenment? Are heaven and hell real? Is it ethical to eat meat? If we're not supposed to eat refined carbs., any processed food, or meat, what are we supposed to eat? What is the ideal socio-politico-economic state? After undergoing profound experiences triggered by spiritual practices such as intense contemplation, connecting with higher-dimensional energies, and vegetarianism, extensively exploring ideas from around the world past and present, and studying philosophy as a major at some of the most rigorous universities in the world, I'm satisfied that I've found the answers to many of these questions, and now share them here with you.

Table of Contents

God, the One, Self-Knowledge "Know Thyself", Self-Realization, Who We Really Are, the Truth
Enlightenment, Liberation, Theory of Everything
The Omega and the Alpha
Yin and Yang, Zero Amplitude and Infinity Frequency, Peace and Love
Destiny and Free Will
Perpetual Motion
Light and Sound
Spirituality and Socio-Politico-Economics
The Cycles of Time
Spirituality, Philosophy, Math, and Physics

Ki, Life Energy, Mana, Prana, Qi, Vital Force
The Elements and Theory of Evolution
Ideal Diet
Crystals, Gems, and Precious Metals
Spirituality and Science

United Earth Declaration

A United Earth

Uniting as One

Introduction to the Site Video

God, universe, I wish for, I will, oneness, peace, love, freedom, and happiness, perfectly, infinitely, for all unconditionally.

We are one.
We are all one.
We the Earth family are one.

Let there be universal and infinite oneness, peace, love, freedom, and happiness.
Let all beings be blessed with perfect and infinite life, happiness, and health.
Let Earth be perfectly and infinitely united, peaceful, loving, free, and happy.

A full Tree of Life (Keylontic Science)

The origin of the heart symbol is a mystery. I once had an experience that suggested a connection between the heart shape and spiritual wings, like angels' and butterflies', that emerge when a soul ascends and graduates to the state of unconditional love.

Thank you to all of you who helped me to gain this knowledge.


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