1. George W. Bush's world veiw:  "You are either with us or against us."

2. Philosophy of dualism: right/wrong, good/bad, judgement with no room for any 'gray' area.  Theopedia: Because Manicheanism is a faith that teaches dualism, in modern English the word "manichean" has come to mean dualistic, presenting or viewing things in a "black and white" fashion.

3. Manichæism is a religion founded by the Persian Mani in the latter half of the third century.  As described by the Catholic Encyclopedia, Mani "... heard a voice urging him to abstain from meat, wine, and women." which he obeyed and later was visited by the angel Eltaum, with spiritual advice.  Mani preached his gospel to the king; "As once Buddha came to India, Zoroaster to Persia, and Jesus to the lands of the West, so came in the present time, this prophecy through me, the Mani, to the land of Babylonia" (after which he became a fugitive and martyr).

4. Wikipedia describes Manicheanism as "one of the major ancient religions of Iranian origin." (certainly an ironic source for the philosophy of G. W. Bush, who opposes all things Iranian ;-)

5. The Theology Glossary credits St. Augustine (of Hippo) as a Manichean who converted to Christianity, partly because of his dissapointment with "A prominent Manichean thinker, who was supposed to have answered all his intellectual questions, but who not only failed to answer them, but had an intellect that Augustine found, shall we say, unimpressive".