Action research relies on direct involvement by the researcher in the arrangement and orchestration of projects and cycles. My project focused on attempts to compose methods for educational technology integration. Buoyed by these techniques, I attempted to change teaching and learning at my school by offering technology solutions to teaching and learning problems. By engaging in repeated cycles of action research, I have developed an understanding of successful and unsuccessful integration techniques. The cyclical nature of action research is conducive to successful study of technology integration as methods conceived during one cycle can be modified and honed in future cycles. Further, application of methods across cycles could highlight the usefulness and weaknesses of particular methods in varied situations.

My action research focused on associating technologies with specific elements of a teacher or class’ curriculum. The general approach was to spend significantime discussing a class session, project, topic or term curriculum with the teacher and offering suggestions on which technologies may enhance their teaching, and in what ways that enhancement may occur. Ideas were only acted upon if the teacher and I could identify new or enhanced learning opportunities that would not be available without the use of technologies. I attempted to vary the topics, subject matter, and educational or curricular goals in each cycle so as to expand my integration methods across disciplines. 

As an action researcher, I adopted both leadership and collaborative roles, and it was my predication that tight collaboration with the teacher and strong connections between technology and subject matter would be the driving forces of my action research. As I worked with teachers on specialized projects, I hoped to fine tune my knowledge of educational technology integration strategies, and achieve a better understanding of the correlation between technology trends and educational challenges. The problem I am hoped to address is underwhelming educational technology integration into the classroom and the curriculum, as well as a lack of understood implementation techniques. The question I attempted to answer with my action research was how do I improve the usage of technologies that support learning, while simultaneously improving my own capabilities as an educational technology integration specialist? What methods could an educational technology integration specialist conduct to create harmony between learning and technology?

For in-depth reading regarding my Action Research, please read my Cycle Reports.

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