Harmonic Integrations:

Methods and Techniques for Conducting Educational Technology Implementations

Like an orchestra creating a symphony, 

Harmonic technology integration requires skill, trust, and teamwork by each player,

teacher, technology, and student,

And the guidance, pacing and leadership of a conductor.

Schools, departments, and teachers are keen on promoting technology integration, but adoption and change are slow and cumbersome. If I could become a master of learning technologies by expanding my own knowledge of available learning technology hardware and software offerings and their genuine applications in schools, I can position myself to address integration challenges.

In a school environment, chance favors the prepared learning technology integration specialist's mind.  If I have an extensive understanding of currently available educational technology tools, then when approached with a problem I can offer an immediate solution.  These solutions can be reviewed, tweaked, replaced, accepted or abandoned, but at least a solution can be implemented and evaluated quickly.

Action research projects have the researcher at the center.  My project will center on my attempts to understand methods for educational technology integration.  Armed with this information, I will change teaching and learning at my school by offering solutions to real learning technology problems.  By engaging in repeated cycles of action research, I can develop a list of successful and unsuccessful integration techniques.

The desired outcome of my action research is twofold: increased use of learning technologies at my school, and improvement in my own capabilities as an educational technology integration specialist.

Students, Teachers, Classrooms, Curricula, and Technologies are the Instruments.

Harmonious Synchronization of all the Instruments is the Symphony.

I am the Conductor.

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Not sure where to start looking?  This Description of my Action Research (which includes my AR question) is a good place to begin.

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