About the Artist:
I am a young college student studying art in California. I have quite a fascination with the past, specifically between
1880 to 1979. I love all styles of past decades and I try my best to somewhat recreate lifelike situations of these eras. I prefer to use that old fashioned stuff called film. I love black and white 35mm and medium format film. I also, find 110 film and expired color film to be quite the tool to be able to create authentic vintage looking color photographs

The fine art that I do also revolves around vintage themes.  I use oil paints and thick MDF boards to produce my paintings. I also enjoy using vintage paper along with my paintings. Most of my paintings usually deal with architecture. Sometimes the buildings depicted are of my own designs, (just with a vintage flair) or actual buildings that existed in the past, (usually demolished by now).

And of course  along with my fascination of all things vintage, I am in fact a collector of antiques and such. Someday I will be that crazy old man, living in that spooky old Victorian house filled with all of his crazy antiques to the ceilings!

I use these vintage themes because they are things that most people do not see everyday or appreciate when they do see it. I hope that my art creates a type of nostalgia for the viewer and a new appreciation for the past.



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