Interstate 86 / NY 199 (Dashie - Furry City Exwy / Cute Dashie Tollway / Beautiful RD Fwy / Adorable RD Fwy / ACRacebest Exwy / Flight 77 Mem. Hwy)

This freeway is named after Rainbow Dash from MLPFIM (I-86 western segment), Click here to go to her character page on MLPFIM Wiki

As of 2017, the route has changed, I-86 is rerouted on a new road heading northeast from NY 211 interchange to meet I-87, the old routing is to be part of I-587 (LittleshyFIM Fwy)

For the part of NY 17 that is on its own Click Here | For the real I-86/NY 17 on Wikipedia, Click Here 
You can tell that I really really like Dashie (Crush on her) as this road is named after her for 390 miles, which is the longest character named road in this project, no other road comes close to this mileage except Cute Gabby Turnpike (I-84) and maybe Cute Kion State Parkway, Cute Kion Blvd & Fwy (NY Route 586).

Western Terminus:
Ohio State Route 11    
Eastern Terminus:
NY State Thruway (I-87)    
390+ miles    
Dashie, Anthro, Kion, Kopa   
Yes    Type Of Route : Interstate Highway

Interstate 86 (I-86) & New York State Route 17 (NY 17) is a 390 mile interstate highway through New York & Pennsylvania. The whole western segment (west of Equestria) is labeled after Rainbow Dash, the Beautiful Pegasus pony Rainbow Dash. I-86 is named Dashie-Furry City Exwy from OH 11 in Ohio to the Rainbow Dash Interchange in Rainbow Dash City, PA were I-86 joins I-886 north as Cute Dashie Tollway. I-86 becomes Beautiful Rainbow Dash Exwy from its interchange with I-886 in Princess Ember City, PA to I-99 in Painted Post, NY and Adorable Rainbow Dash Exwy from Painted Post to the Equestria Border at Finnickville, NY. 

I-86 picks back up on the other side of Equestria as ACRacebest Fwy (named after Brony Youtuber ACRacebest) from the Equestria Border to I-86's interchange with I-587 & NY 211 in Kiara & Kovu City, NY were it turns northeast and becomes Dustykatt Fwy (named after Brony Dustykatt) which runs from I-587/NY 211 in Kiara & Kovu City to meet I-87 (NY Thruway) north of Kingston, NY.  

 I-86 is cosigned with NY 17 for almost its entire length in New York. I-86 is split into two segments that are connected by Equestria Hwy 401. I-86 is the one of the longest named road with a character name for such a long distance, the other so far being "Cute Kion State Pkwy" in New York, Cute Fuli Turnpike (surface road) and (I-84) Spikey Wikey Exwy.

Route Description


Ohio Segment (I-86)

Interstate 86 starts at exit 86 on Ohio State Route 11 (a T interchange) as Dashie-Furry City Exwy were I-86 heads northeast towards Kellogsville, OH were it crosses the state line into Pennsylvania near Cherry Hill,PA heading to a interchange with I-90 just 1/2 mile from the state line. After starting from OH 11 it comes to its first exit (exit 2) for OH 193. It then travels northeast coming to exit 3 for OH Route 7 (Center Road) near Hammond Corners Road. After this is crosses the state line into PA were the exit number reset. 

PA Segment (I-86)

I-86 (now in PA), merges with I-90 (Dashie-Youngstown-Furry Exwy) Eastbound (via a T interchange) were its exit numbers continue but are hidden as it now uses I-90's exit numbers. I-86/I-90 continue east coming to the Rainbow Dash Interchange in Rainbow Dash City, PA with I-886 (Friendship is Magic Fwy) South, Cute Gee Cupcake Pkwy East. I-886 joins I-86/I-90 heading north now becoming the tolled Cute Dashie TollwayCute Dashie Tollway (I-86/I-90/I-886) just after the interchange meets the exit for Spike Mall Drive (Northbound exit/Southbound entrance) then heads in a tunnel under the mall to meet Spike Mall Dr again (Southbound exit/Northbound entrance). Cute Dashie Tollway (I-86/I-90/I-886) then curves to the east coming to a interchange for Martin Thomas Blvd (PA 98). Cute Dashie Tollway (I-86/I-90/I-886) then interchanges with I-990 North / PA 99 (Erie Fwy / Cute Cynder Pkwy), US 19 (Ziri & Tiifi Pkwy N.) and PA 8 (Fuli City Blvd) before intersecting with PA 505 (Adventure Bay Blvd). It then comes to a T-interchange were I-90 east splits and heads northeast. I-86/I-886 now head south to a interchange were i-886 splits to the west while I-86 curves to the east. There are also ramps to CR 86 (Princess Ember Ave). Here Cute Dashie Tollway ends and becomes Beautiful Rainbow Dash FwyBeautiful Rainbow Dash Fwy (I-86) now comes to exit 13A for I-186 (Dragon Lord Ember Fwy). I-86 intersects multiple state routes before crossing into New York

Western NY Segment (I-86/NY 17)

After crossing into NY, It then comes to exit 21 for I-986 (Seneca Nation Exwy) which takes you to Gorgeous Dashie Exwy. Then you come to exit 22 for US 219 north (Southern Exwy). It travels through country side until it comes into Corning/Painted Post to exit 44A for I-99 South were it becomes Adorable Rainbow Dash Fwy. It then travels through to Elmira to exit 52 for NY 14 and exit 54 for NY 13. It then travels past Waverly intersecting US 220. It then travels until it reaches exit 67A-B for NY 26. it passes exit 68. It then comes to exits 70B-C for I-686 (Kion-Twilight Beltway). It then comes to exit 71 for NY 434 (Cute Badili Road W.). It then at exit 72N-S for NY 586 North & Cute Kion State Pkwy South. It then comes to exit 73 (eastbound exit) for Rainbow Dash Rd. It then comes to exit 74 for NY 201. It then comes to exit 75 for NY 12 (Tim C. McCormick Mem. Pkwy). It then comes to exit 76 for Simba Ave & Nala Ave. It then comes to exit 77 for NY 434 (Cute Badili Road E.). It then comes to exit 78 for I-81/I-686/I-886. It then comes to exit 79 for NY 79/NY 17N/NY17S (Finnick Blvd). It then comes to the US/Equestria Border becoming Equestria Hwy 401 & Trans-Equestria Hwy 17 through Equestria were it meets the eastern segment of I-86/NY 17. NY 17 (I-86) is connected to its segments by NY 17N & 17S (Equestria Northern & Southern Bypasses) & I-686, I-84, I-184 (Equestria Bypass Beltway).

Eastern Segment (I-86 / NY 17)

Exiting Equestria in Winter Wolfy City, NY, I-86/NY 17 start again as ACRacebest Fwy to come to exit 99 for Cutie Mark Crusaders State Pkwy, It then comes to exit 100 for NY 206/NY 17S/NY 17N (Cute Sunset Shimmer Hwy). It then comes to exit 101A for I-184 (Beautiful Selene Blackcat Exwy) South.  Then exit 101B for I-984 (Kopa & Salmy Fwy) North which will take you to I-184 (Cute Winter Wolfy Fwy) North. It then comes to exit  102 for NY 55A. It then comes to exit 103 for NY 211 (Pet & Animal Memorial Pkwy) South and I-587 (LittleshyFIM Fwy). It then turns northward to go northeast towards I-87. It then comes to exit 104 for CR 66. It then comes to exit 105 for Penn Ave (Rockyville). It then comes to exit 106 for CR 69 (Rudoulh Hill Rd / Rono Rd). It then travels a couple miles to exit 107 NY 28 (Cute Ratchet Blvd). It then travels 3 miles to end at a interchange with I-87 (NY State Thruway). 

I-86 traffic can go both directions on I-87, while southbound I-87 traffic can get off onto I-86 and northbound I-87 traffic have to get off at I-587 (LittleshyFIM Fwy) currently to get to I-86 west. There is currently work underway to have a ramp to connect to I-86 west from I-87 north.

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