Interstate 586 (Beautiful Cynder Turnpike)

Interstate 586 (I-586) is not a real route.
Name has changed to "Beautiful Cynder Turnpike" - Though route shield below is outdated


Interstate 586
Beautiful Cynder Turnpike
Direction : East/West
Western Terminus : Interstate 286 (Handsome Spyro Exwy / Beautiful Fuli Tpk / Anthro - Dashie Beltway) & PA 207 (Cute Gee Cupcake Pkwy) in P. Ember City, PA
Eastern Terminus : PA Route 564 (AnY Pony Turnpike) in Bradford, PA
 Major Interchanges :
• I-286 (Beautiful Fuli Tpk / Handsome Spyro Exwy)    • PA 207 (Cute Gee Cupcake Pkwy)    • I-186 (Dragon Lord Ember Fwy)
• I-386 (Lovable Dashie Southern Bypass)    • U.S 6 / 62 (Jenn L. Hwy)        • I-479 (Dragon Fwy / GreenReaper Beltway)    
• PA 564 (AnY Pony Tpk) / U.S 219
 Maintained By : Long Family Turnpike Authority 

Interstate 586 or Beautiful Cynder Turnpike is a interstate highway in northwest Pennsylvania that connects I-286 (Dashie - Anthro County Beltway) in Princess Ember City, PA to Interstate 86 / NY 17 (Beautiful Rainbow Dash Fwy) in Silver Spoon Town, NY. The route is the old routing of Interstate 86 before I-86 was rerouted onto its old old routing to connect and run along I-490 near Erie, PA.

The route is named after Cynder, a cute and beautiful female dragon from the the Spyro game series (and Netflix series). I have a big crush on her.

The route may go thru cities that are named after MLP:FIM character (Princess Ember City) and Lion Guard character (Fuli City), but it does connect Interstate 86 traffic with downtown Furry City via the route's western terminus which is PA SR 207 (Cute Gee Cupcake Parkway), a route which is named after a furry.  

Exit Guide

I-586 ‎‎(PA)‎‎ Exit Guide


Interstate 586 (Beautiful Cynder Tpk) was originally Interstate 86 (Beautiful Rainbow Dash Fwy) back in 2016, when I-86 was transferred from its original routing, meeting I-90 near Erie, PA. I-86 stayed along this route until 2017, when I-86 was moved back to its original routing with NY 17 and the old routing became Interstate 586 (Beautiful Cynder Turnpike).

For a very short time, I-586 was to be called Ronny J Barker Exwy, but was changed to Cute Remy Fwy not long later. This is beacuse I do not have permission from the character owner yet. If I do get permission, then the name Ronny J Barker will be used on a different road. It was for the month of Jan 2018, called "Cute Remy Fwy" and "Gorgeous Fuli Turnpike" but was officially changed to "Beautiful Cynder Turnpike" on Feb 1, 2018.  

I-86 along with I-90 was rerouted to run along the northern half of the GreenReaper Beltway (Interstate 490) in 2017.