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The below are links to the project's maps on Google Photos. The links will update when the project map(s) has been been updated

Welcome to the Jlong Cities Project wiki on Jlongpedia. This wiki will have info on most things in my Sketchup Make 3D city building project "Jlong Cities Project"

This project is of my own fictional cities based on the New York State/Pennsylvania map of the US. Most Interstate & State Routes are the same as the real world, while road names, towns & city names and more are custom named after cartoon characters, furry fandom fursonas, brony fandom ponysonas and more.

Examples of the different routes are named for :
  1. Furry Fandom - Cute Gee Cupcake Parkway (Pennsylvania Route 207) - Named for Gee Cupcake from the Furry art site Inkbunny
  2. Brony Fandom - Dr. Wolf Turnpike (Pennsylvania Toll Route 552) - Named for the Brony Youtuber Dr. Wolf from Youtube
  3. Movies - Simba & Nala Turnpike (Interstate 84 Toll segment) - Named for Simba & Nala from Disney's The Lion King (its the first segment of I-84)
  4. TV Shows - Adorable Kion Turnpike (Interstate 84 Toll Segment) - Named for Kion from Disney's The Lion Guard (its the 4th segment of I-84)  

**For all copyright info on characters & artwork used and shown in this project, view the Characters & Copyrights page on this wiki**  

One note with Equestria in this project is a little different then the real one in the show, for one is has roads & highways, but also the Equestria in this project is based on the current map of the show.
There is a current set miles around all of Equestria that will be used for if they expand the map, but if it extends more then what can fit on my map, then other new places will be added to the North Atlantic Ocean east of Long Island. 
The land would be connected to Equestria (and the US) by road portals (see the Equestria page for more info)

About Jlong Cities Project World
The world in this project is a alternative universe where as of 2015, the world is at peace.
There are also World Laws that are laws that everyone in the world must follow
This being said, most things of this world are the same as the real one. Like some cities and places are changed to my own, but the rest of the world outside of the project's map is the same as it is in the real world, except that it world peace. 

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