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***This Project has changed from "TyCloud City Project" to "Jlong Cities Project"***

This Part Of The Wiki Will Have Info On The Project "Jlong Cities Project", A Multi-City Building Project I am building in Sketchup Make.
[For about this project, see below the page listing below]
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About The "TyCloud City Project"

This city project takes place in Sketchup Make (Old Sketchup By Google) (Can Download For Free At http://sketchup.com)

This project will have different files (.skp files) with different cities & towns.

Below are a list of towns were each - means a different .skp file.
- TyCloud Park (City) & TyCloud (Village) [Named After TyCloud From Inkbunny] / Vestal / Bambi (both towns)

- Jersey City / New York City / Moofville [Named After Moof From Inkbunny]

- Midnightville, Patch Manor / Dragonville  / Kit Hawking City [Named After Kitsune18 On Inkbunny

- Equestria (MLP-FIM) (Ponyville)

City Street Names :
In TyCloud Village :
Lemonade Coyote Memorial Blvd (US 44 / NY 26 / CR 177)
N. / S. Main St
TyCloud Rd
TyCloud Park Rd (PA 100)
Empire Blvd (PA 100)
Lemonade Coyote Fwy (I-186)

In TyCloud Park :
Timothy C. McCormick Hwy (NY 26 / US 44 / CR 177)
Pineapple The Otter Rd (NY 17C)
Jenny & Lee St (US 11) (AJDurai's otter twins)
Chani & Martin Ave (AJDurai's Female Feline & Charvale's Male Mink Martin)
Toothless & Hiccup Pkwy North & South (US 11)
Toothless Rd (PA 274A & 17C)

In Jersey City & New York City :
GeeCupcake Blvd (US 1-9) (Named After GeeCupcake)
Jenny & Lee St (US 1-9)
Martin Luther King Jr Blvd (US 1-9)
Cute Fizzle Pkwy (US 301) (Named After Fizzle From MLP-FIM)
Chani & Martin Cross Island Pkwy (US 301)
Moof Ave (NJ Rte 420) (Named After Moof's Fursona Moof)

In Kit Hawking City / Dragonville / Midnightville :
Kit Hawking Pkwy (Named After Kit Hawking) (US 301 & I-780)
Kit Hawking Connector (I-780)