Environmental Biogeochemistry Lab

We are motivated to understand, quantify, and predict the biogeochemical processes that underlie the benefits that humans derive from nature, also known as ecosystem services.

Our research is specifically focused on the ecosystem functions that affect water quality, climate regulation, and carbon sequestration in natural and human-modified ecosystems. These essential processes are often adversely affected by human activities at local and global scales. 

We study the retention and processing of nutrients (nitrogen, carbon, and phosphorus) and the flux of greenhouse gases in wetlands, streams, forests, and urban ecosystems. We use approaches from ecosystem ecology and biogeochemistry in our work and collaborate across social and biophysical sciences.

Contact information:
Dr. Jennifer L. Morse, Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental Science and Management
School of Environment
Box 751 (ESM)
Portland State University
Portland, OR 97207
+1 503 725 2826
jlmorse at pdx.edu