A Few Words About Me

My wife and I live in the Greeley/Windsor area of Colorado, about an hour north of Denver.  We have three children, Jackie, Ryker, and Xander.  In addition to all the things life brings us, we spend time barbecuing and watching old movies.

I was not always a Christian; far from it. It wasn’t until I was 34 years old that I asked Jesus Christ into my life. It happened in 1995 while on a business trip with a friend in Anchorage, Alaska. I attended a Christian service at a convention center where I heard the compelling testimony of a man I had a great deal of respect for. Even though I had been regularly attending church for several years, it was almost as if it was the first time I had heard the Gospel; but more likely it was the first time I listened. When the invitation was given I went forward and gave my life to Jesus Christ.  My life had an immediate change.  I began spending more time with my family, and serving our Lord though my church.

I am a member of the Adjunct Faculty of Colorado Christian University where I teach an Adult Studies Seminary to adults returning to college.  I am also a graduate of Colorado Christian University.  Currently I am on a leave of absence from Denver Seminary to complete a MS in Education.  Once that is completed I will be returning to Denver Seminary to complete a MA in Theology or Philosophy of Religion. 

One day I hope to work with churches developing adult education programs.  My experience is we teach as we were taught, and since most pastors and other ministry leaders are seminary trained they tend to teach Bible courses as if their students were attending a seminary course.  This isn’t always the most effective way to teach adults.  I want to design Bible curriculum that is geared toward adult students.  In so doing I believe I will be working with God transforming lives through education.


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Jim Harger,
Jan 27, 2009, 2:17 PM