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Follow Shelton Chestnut Fanning and Slaw Spokes as they try to stay alive in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Struggling to make it out of New Orleans, the pair devise a brilliant but dangerous plan to steal scrap from the abandoned wreckage. But while trying to escape society's bonds that chain so many in, Slaw comes face to face with his own humanity. 

"The doorknob turned and a light entered from the hallway. Nat struck at the sound of a faint pop. Swinging the curtain aside he caught a falling, jerking body. Poodle quickly shut the door and darkness returned. In his out-stretched arms, Nat held a mass of no significance that twitched and shuddered violently..."

-Gettin' Paid 

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J. Lewis Celeste was born on June 11th, 1970 in Washington Heights, New York City. He is a non genre specific author whose works range from the urban "street" novel "Gettin' Paid" to his current work in progress, "Tundra Smiling", a heartwarming tale of fulfilling a loved one's last wish. J. Lewis Celeste is also the author of numerous short stories and poems, including the short story "A Wake of Vultures"- which will be available soon on Smashwords. Select poems will be available soon on Celeste's Facebook page. 

"Gettin' Paid" is a fictional novel outlining the progressive life of crime of street hood Nat Turner. From department store rushes to stickups to drug spot hits, the story provides a glimpse of a reality many live, and many more choose to ignore. Everyone has a chance in life- what choices will you make? How will these choices impact your own life? A suburban youth takes a hit off a joint. A soccer mom pockets a Maybelline eyeliner. A seventeen year old dropout at the end of his rope pulls a stickup on a yuppie riding the A train. It's all about choice!  J. Lewis Celeste provides never ending action with the turn of every page, as well as stinging social commentary one cannot play hide and seek with- it slaps you in the face, forcing you to face the harsh reality choice plays on the streets of America.

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