Quilts and Evening Bags

Sewing has been a constant in my life since I was a child when my mother taught me how to sew clothes from patterns. Then in university and all the years I worked in newspapers and publishing as a typesetter, I made quilts as a parallel to my professional life. From the mid-90s sewing has been my principle occupation. To date I have created 125 full-sized quilts and many smaller wall pieces. Over the years there have been 7 different personal exhibits in halls and boutiques. And I have often worked on commissioned quilts. There have been miniature compositions framed under glass too. 
I started to make evening bags more seriously in 2002 and have sold them in many boutiques and craft fairs. Presently they are exhibited and sold in David'Recherche in Lausanne. All the forms are completely original and designed in muslin first. Each one is unique. Beading plays a big role now in the embellishment of the evening bags and if the first ones were shy and unassuming, the latest ones are more elaborate and more expressive with the beading.