The Irish Working In North Adams



Picture of workers blasting bits of the Hoosac Tunnel into the side of the mountain. Thanks to The Cutting Edge Article.








 Picture of the actual pattern for the "Arnold" Tabby Cat, the famous children's toy. Picture taken by J. McNary at the North Adams Historical Society on May 31st, 2008.       





Hoosac Tunnel


            Great events have impacted the lives of people in the town of North Adams. Some events have been in good light, and some have been not so bright. The Hoosac Tunnel was one of the events that had both effects upon the town. It brought a growth to the town, but it also brought great hardships.


            Hiring for the Hoosac Tunnel began in 1868. After two contractors had lost the project and gone bankrupt, a third got the project, and brought the workers with them. The workers were Irish. Many accidents and problems came with the jobs the Hoosac Tunnel offered. The Irish worked long and hard to bring the Tunnel to life. By the time the project was completed some of the 195 men killed while building the Tunnel were Irish Catholics.


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Arnold Print Works


          Arnold Print Works was built in 1861, to the butting industrial town of North Adams. The company manufactured cloth, and other textile goods. It employed over 3,200 people, mostly Irish as they were the workers in the area. They were hired for a various array of jobs. Arnold Print Works was made famous in the early 1890s after producing a toy for children, the "Arnold" Tabby Cat.


        In 1926 Sprauge Electric moved into North Adams. The company bought out many of the Arnold Print Works mills. The Arnold Print Works were then sold to anther company located in Boston.


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