Police Force

Chief of Police, John F. Flagherty leading the Police in a march down the streets of North Adams for a parade. Thank you to the Transcript's article "Irish fled famine...." from March 17th, 1987.  

The police force in North Adams has not only been a bond of brotherhood, but it has almost been passed down from father to son, for generations. Flagherty's father escaped the famine, and lived in North Adams mostly as a farmer. Flagherty found safety in work as soon as he could, as most immigrant children did. His first job as a mail carrier gave him the security that he needed to raise a family.  He then joined the police force. Flagherty worked hard and claimed the ranks to become the chief of police. The Irish dominated the Police department for many years but this dissolved after Italians began immigrating into the city and joining the force.  

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