Other Aspects


The Irish didn't just work in the Hoosac Tunnel or at the Arnold Print Works Mills, learn at St. Joseph's School or pray at the St. Francis Church, they also held other high ranking positions in the community. Many were involved in politics, public services, rising to the top of their trade though hard work and determination.  


List of Irish Mayors

Francis O'Hara [1937-1940]

Cornelius O'Brien [1943-1946]

James Bowes [1947-1951]

Louis Diamond [1960-1961]

James Cleary [1968-1969]

John Barrett 3rd [1984-Present]


 Irish Owned Stores Through The Years

"Collinsworth" Cigars

The Live Store, Where It Pays To Shop

The Little Boys With Big Business

Morrissey Motor Co.

General House Furnishings

The Charles J. Curran Memorial Clinic

Doctor William Toomery (Dental Surgeon)