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I am currently Lecturer and educational innovation officer back at the Toulouse School of Economics since September 2014, where I teach Macroeconomics and Labor Economics to undergraduate students. I am in charge of the follow-up of the implementation of blended learning (27 hours of classroom instruction and 9 hours of online learning) and the implementation of a more efficient anti-plagiarism policy.

Previously, I was a Marie Curie fellow at the CEPS/INSTEAD (Centre for Population, Poverty and Public Policy Studies, now LISER) in Luxembourg between 2012 and 2014. 

From 2008 until 2012, I was Assistant Professor in Mexico first at the Departamento de Economía y Finanzas - Universidad de Guanajuato and then at the Facultad de Economía - Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León , where I taught Microeconomics, Econometrics, and Development Economics.

Applied by nature, most of my research mix a Microeconometrics approach with a more qualitative one borrowed from other Social Sciences. My research themes are centered on Development Microeconomics and include Microeconomics of Migration and Remittances, Old-Age Support, Social StatusSchooling ChoicesReturn Migration and Entrepreneurship, Migration Network focusing on both Senegal and Mexico, where I collected original data:

  • During my Ph.D at the Toulouse School of Economics, after repeated fieldworks among the Haalpulaar communities both in France and Senegal studying intergenerational family transfers, I conducted  in 2004 a household survey near Matam (Middle Senegal Valley).
  • In 2010, I conducted a household survey on return migration in León, Guanajuato (Mexico) with sociologist Jacqueline Hagan from UNC-CH. Combining both quantitative and qualitative techniques we built a mixed survey instrument. We are currently working on the returns to migration and skill transfers.