Economist Statistician

Ph.D. 2008, Toulouse School of Economics

Since February 2019, I am in charge of implementing and developing the Toulouse University Social Sciences Data Service (PUD-T). The PUD-T is hosted by the Toulouse Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities (MSHS-T) and linked to the national large infrastructure PROGEDO aimed at developing facilities for the archive, documentation and availability of data, and participating in large multidisciplinary surveys of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) roadmap.

The PUD_T offers direct support to data users and producers providing research assistance for the acquisition of data and implementation of Data Management Plan and training for data management and analysis and for the use of statistical tools and related software.

Previously, I have conducted research on the Economics of Migration and how it interacts with Human Capital accumulation. I favor an interdisciplinary approach (Sociology, Anthropology, and History) mixing qualitative with quantitative methods in both data collection and data analysis. This allows to reveal the complexity of the social process under study along with its magnitude. I elaborated supervised and conducted household surveys in Matam region, Senegal, in 2004 and in León, Guanajuato (Mexico) in 2010. My research has been published in both Economics and Sociology reviews and I presented my work at international conferences and workshops worldwide.

Our book, Skills of the "Unskilled" published at UCP with sociologists Jacqueline Hagan and Rubén Hernández-León won the Outstanding Book Award of the section on Inequality, Poverty and Mobility of the American Sociological Association.

Over the last 18 years I have been teaching (in French, English and Spanish) Economics and Quantitative techniques (Statistics, Econometrics…) at various higher education institutions in France (ENAC, TSE, TBS), and abroad (in Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Mexico, Spain, Senegal) to students from both Economics and non-Economics majors as long as workers (continuing education).

I have been collaborating with OECD Development Center and the World Bank for short term consultancy contracts.