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Our Johnson Lake SID#1, a political subdivision of the state and a municipal corporation Incorporated in February 2005, encompasses those homes and business that circle the lake proper.  It includes portions of Bethel & Brace precincts in Gosper Co and Platte precinct in Dawson Co.  It is estimated that we have approximately 685 year-around residents in 350 dwellings, along with 25 commercial entities.  There are a total of 917 sewer service connections; which include all residential homes and cabins as well as the commercial entities to include Nebraska Game & Parks four campground areas; two at the Inlet and two at the Outlet.  As you can expect the summer seasonal daily population was estimated to exceed 4,000 people at times; especially over the Holiday and weekend periods.  Just over 650 of the homes/cabins are built upon lots that are leased from Central Public Power & Irrigation; which also controls the water flow and levels of Johnson Lake, a 2,500 Ac regulating reservoir, part of the irrigation supply canal system.  This is a link to more info in that regard:
There has been quite a increase in new construction since the completion of the sewer project in the form of remodels, additions and new replacement homes; with many being built as a future home for retirement years.  The median age of the SID, based on the three above precincts is estimated to exceed 45.8 years, about 10.5 years above the State median age.  The average median household income of the three precincts is $36,768; which is in the upper 25% of values for Nebraska communities with a population of less than 5,000.  The average per capita income for the three precincts is $19,943; which is $330 above the State per capita income.
The cost of the sewer project is being repaid by an annual tax levy of approximately $560 per $100,000 valuation and a levied assessment to each property at an average of about $11,500 that varies with the length and type of service connection made.  The assessment can be paid over a 15 year period with annual interest of 5% of the current balance.  There is a $162 per year User Maintenance Fee plus sales tax due each May1st.  Other charges are dues to the respective area neighborhood association to cover the cost of operating their water well(s); common street lights; road snow removal & maintenance and any other item decided by the people of each neighborhood.  These generally run from $100 to $250 per year depending on the area.  The annual leased lot rents range from approximately $450 for off water lots to approximately $2,500 for lake front lots; with the lessee paying the taxes on the assessed value of the leased lot.
The lake is serviced by a local volunteer first-responder EMS group (Johnson Lake EMS); and the Elwood Fire Dept and Gosper  County Sheriff's Department services the Gosper Co area and the Lexington Fire Dept and Dawson County Sheriff's Department  services  the Dawson Co area.  School age kids have their choice to opt to any of the three neighboring school districts--Elwood, Eustis or Lexington; all of which are approximately 8 to 10 miles from the lake and offer a variety of programs and choices. On the
east end of the Lake is the Chapel of the Lake, a non-denominational chapel with 8:30 a.m. weekly services by guest preachers and
musicians; also available for Weddings, Meetings and other activities by reservation.  Local restaurants, lounges and lodging are on all sides of the lake; with more information available under the "Places to Stay and Eat" title on the left.
All of these figures change almost daily, as properties have been selling quite rapidly the past 6 to 12 months; especially during the Spring and Summer recreational seasons.