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Luis Tools
Simply indispensable. Home of Open General and the Suite, the scenario and equipment editor, and many other editing tools. Check the tutorials, all you need to know about this game is there.
Open General España
Excelente blog y hogar del mod GCE, juego enfocado a la Guerra Civil Española tanto con escenarios offline como PBEM
Gilestiel's Downloads
To search and download all the maps to play custom scenarios and campaigns. PG2 and many interesting tools can be downloaded here.
Steve's Panzer General II
Here you will find almost all the campaigns done by PG2 community over the years, but also the maps and the Pacific Efile.
The Latin Generals
Home of the LG Efiles, campaigns and scenarios, covering the American Civil War, WW2 and Cold War periods.
The Adlerkorps
Home of the AK Efile, also contains a huge collection of WW2 campaigns, scenarios and smacks.
The MG Bunker
Home of the Composite Efile and campaigns.
Antique General
Home of the Antique General Efile, an awesome project covering ancient Rome wars.
Hispanic General
Home of Halberdier's mod about Spanish American Wars of Independence.
Oronzo's PG2 R2 File
Home of the Oronzo's Efile, scenarios and campaigns.
Panzer General II PL
Polish website where you can download the Gustlik Efile and a lot of campaigns.
Kampanie OpenGen
Open General website, with many campaigns.

Play By Mail
The Generals Guild


The best place to download resources and mods for People's General, the brother game of PG2.
Redball's Express
People's General forum.
People's General Red Danger
Devore's website. Home of the Red Danger mods for PeG.