Welcome to Kaiser General!

This is a mod for Open General, a new tactical PC wargame based on Panzer General II, released by SSI in 1997. 

Since that time, the wide PG2 community has been working on new campaigns. Mainly for Second World War, but also for Cold War, Spanish Civil War, or even Napoleonic Wars.

There has been many people making equipment files, campaigns and scenarios about WW1 over the years, but the most successful attempt to bring us that era was Toliy's Baltic General. Initially a mod focused mainly on the Russian Civil War, soon was expanded to cover conflicts like WWI and Russo-Japanese war. Sadly, Toliy's project was abandoned on 2007.

The Great War era on PG2 deserved full support, and all that previous stuff should be available again. So the target of Kaiser General is to keep that project alive, and look forward to giving support to new projects taking advantage of the new opportunities offered by Open General.
There are many modifications and improvements, and  the Efile is expanded from 1850 to 1926. An extensive work with equipment stats has been done, with the help of many people over the years.

The name is a tribute to Rhinobones's effort with his WWI mod for the first Panzer General,  which name was Kaiser General too.

Hope you to enjoy!