Department of Tourism Jammu and Kashmir

The natural beauty of the valley of Jammu & Kashmir, offers an unparalleled potential to prop up tourism with all attractions that no part of the globe can offer in one place. Tourism, besides boosting the economy of Kashmir, can act as a major force for conservation of cultural heritage, intellectual advancement, emotional stability and moral development.

Despite jolts during the past several years, a series of steps has been initiated by the Jammu and Kashmir Government to revive Jammu & Kashmir tourism in the Valley which has remained the mainstay of more than 30 per cent of its population.

Special Package to promote Jammu & Kashmir Tourism
The Government of Jammu & Kashmir has formulated a special package for the revival of tourism in the Valley. It has initiated many schemes for the revival and development of tourism. Soft loans will be provided for reactivating tourism units in the private sector such as house boats and outright investment subsidy for setting up popular units at lesser known areas of the State.

On Improving Jammu & Kashmir Tourism
Another tourism-related scheme envisages organizing familiarization tours of officers of the Department, travel agents, journalists and tour operators besides encouraging popular TV channels for shooting their episodes in Kashmir.

Efforts to Boost Jammu & Kashmir Tourism
The State Government has urged the Ministry of External Affairs to direct all Indian missions abroad to disseminate information regarding the changed situation in Kashmir. In turn, they are to contact foreign offices in various countries to advise their citizens to include Kashmir in their itinerary as well while visiting India.

The Department of Tourism, Government of India, has also started orientation programmes for its regional directors of Tourism posted abroad. Ten of them have visited kashmir before taking up their assignments abroad.

Department of Tourism Jammu and Kashmir is in direct touch with the Government of India Tourist Offices in different countries for sending them latest tourist literature and for arranging visits of travel agents and travel writers to the State.

The Governments of Australia, Austria, France and Italy have relaxed travel restrictions to Kashmir.

The State Government sponsored several local travel agents and house boat owners to different fairs, exhibitions and marts to attract foreign tourists to Kashmir.

Tourism Department of Jammu Kashmir India is setting up a Website on Internet for disseminating every possible information about Kashmir as a tourist destination.

To enable operations of direct chartered flights to Kashmir, the Srinagar Airport has been upgraded to receive all types of aircraft. Kashmir, what was once known as "Paradise on Land" is now all set to regain its past glory. (PIB)

Department of tourism Jammu and Kashmir and government of Jammu and Kashmir, will provide interest subsidies and incentives up to 40 per cent to encourage private entrepreneurs to provide infrastructure in new areas of Jammu and Ladakh. This was revealed by Sonam Dorjay, assistant director in Jammu and Kashmir’s tourism department.

The tourism department of Jammu Kashmir India is looking to exploit the potential of Jammu as a tourist destination on its own and not just a transit point en route to Kashmir or on a pilgrimage to Vaishno Devi temple.

To protect the interest of tourists, the state government has enacted a special legislation - J&K Registration of Tourist Trade Act. This vests various officers of the state tourism department with magisterial powers, including the powers of compounding, in case of cheating, over-charging, harassment, pestering, etc of tourists. The department has also introduced some tourist packages.