Omar Abdullah, born 10 March 1970 in United Kingdom, is an Indian Kashmiri politician and the scion of Kashmir's 'first family', the Abdhullah family who became the 11th and the youngest Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir after forming a government in coalition with the Congress party, on January 5, 2009.

Prior to this he was a member of 14th Lok Sabha , representing Srinagar constituency of Jammu & Kashmir, India. He was a Union MoS for External Affairs in Atal Bihari’s NDA Government, from July 23, 2001 to December 23, 2002. He resigned from NDA government in October 2002 to concentrate on party work.Prime Minister tried to convince him to continue his work. However, on 23 December 2002 his resignation was accepted by President A P J Abdul Kalam.

Omar joined politics in 1998, as a Lok Sabha, a feat he repeated in subsequent three elections and also remained a Union minister; he took on the mantle of National Conference from his father in 2002, though he lost his own seat of Ganderbal during the 2002 state assembly elections, and so did his party, the political mandate; four years later, he fought once again from the very seat and won in the 2008 Kashmir Elections.