Dr. John S. Kominoski     

Assistant Professor
Department of Biological Sciences and
Southeast Environmental Research Center
Florida International University
11200 SW 8th Street
Miami, Florida 33199, USA

Email: jkominos@fiu.edu

Office: +1 305.348.7117

Lab: +1 305.348.6512

Fax: +1 305.348.1986


Professional Memberships:

Ecological Society of America, Society for Freshwater Science, Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography, Sigma Xi


ecosystem ecology,  terrestrial-aquatic linkages, freshwater sustainability, biodiversity-ecosystem functioning, global change


I am broadly interested in exploring the functional implications of biodiversity loss and global environmental change in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.  

My research has focused on the indirect effects of elevated atmospheric CO2 and human land-use on aquatic ecosystems, as well as the importance of resource and consumer diversity in determining organic matter processing in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. 

I am currently investigating: 1) how changes in plant composition influence resource-consumer carbon cycling ; 2) scaling process rates in lotic ecosystems; 3) how variation in ecosystem nutrient ratios (N:P) differentially alters food web structure and metabolism; 4) the influence of drought on Southwestern and Southeastern US freshwater ecosystems.

Please contact me with research interests.