Nitro Runtime Calculator

Fresh from the mind of Jesse Robbers and developed by Jared Kirkwood is an Android phone app that precisely calculates the runtime of your nitro powered R/C vehicle, yet is very simple to use and understand. Pit strategy is often overlooked, and if done incorrectly can result in lost time due to excessive pit stops or lap(s) lost due to flame outs for track position making your results not as great as they could be. To use this app you just enter in a few numbers and the app will tell your maximum runtime. The app will also calculate your pit strategy for your main event race listing the times you should pit and also the amount of runtime 'difference' that you have to work with. The app also provides information for a 'risk it' pit strategy if you are feeling confident based on your maximum runtime and the race length. 

This information is very beneficial for your pit man to know so that they know if they can, and for how long, that they can keep you out longer on the track for to avoid pit lane congestion to save time or to allow you to run on some clear track to gain time on your competitors. This app also provides your pit person the knowledge and flexibility to change your pit strategy during your race depending on your fuel consumption. We also provide information on where you can purchase a measuring device to calibrate your fuel tank's capacity. This device will also be used to measure your fuel consumption to calculate your runtime. 

Don't give away track position in your races. Achieve better results by using the same method the factory drivers have used for years, and continue to use, at every race by extracting the maximum potential from your race car in a much easier to use format available on the Android Market..

How To Use the App
The app allows you to input 4 variables which are then used to calculate your maximum runtime.  Tank Size, Fuel Remaining or Fuel Consumed, Minutes, and Seconds ran.  Once the variables are entered tap calculate and your maximum runtime will be displayed.

Tank Size
For the most accurate results you will need to calibrate your tank.  Every manufacturers tank is a slightly different size and has variances in manufacturing.  It is important that you know exactly how much fuel you are carrying after being filled up.

To calibrate your tank you will need a graduated cylinder which will hold the contents of the tank. Fill the tank with and pressurize the tank so the fuel's feed line fills to the engine's carb.  Then drain the tank into the cylinder to get your reading.  This number will be the number you use in the Tank Size input in the app.  Note: If you are over the legal limit this is a good time resize your tank or lines so you are legal. Check with your ruling organization for fuel limits for your class.

Fuel Remaining or Fuel Consumed
To use the app you will need a good way determining how much fuel is left in the tank.  You can use one of two methods.

Method 1: Determine Fuel Remaining by removing the fuel from the tank.
The other way is you measure how much fuel is left in the tank by sucking it out with a small plastic syringe to determine how much fuel you used.  Attach the syringe to the fuel line exiting the tank with it collasped.  Slowly pull out on the syringe to dawn the fuel from the tanks. Once the fuel is drawn from the tank, remove any air from the syringe and take your reading and input it into the "Fuel Remaining" text box in the app.

Method 2: Determine Fuel Consumed by adding fuel to the tank.
Under Menu and Settings, Change the fuel tank level option to "Use Fuel Consumed Option" and tap Save.  Your setting will be remembered.

Using a calibrated fuel gun, fill the gun to your max fuel level then fill the tank with the gun.  Subtract the difference and enter that into the Fuel Consumed text box.

Minutes & Seconds
You should time each of your qualifiers to know exactly how much time you ran on track after you pitted for fuel before the start of the qualifier.  If you simply take your qualifier time, it will not be as accurate.  Enter your runtime into the Minutes and Seconds Ran.

Adjust Length of Main
The length of the Main can be adjusted in the settings.  Tap Menu > Settings and set a the Number of minutes for main and tap Save.  You value you will be remembered.