University of Chicago, Chicago, IL           

Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology, Spring 2009           

M.S. in Evolutionary Biology, Spring 2004


Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA

B.A. in Biology, Spring 1999





Organization for Tropical Studies, Tropical Ecology

Costa Rica, 2003


University of York, Techniques in Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Research

York, UK, 2002


The School for Field Studies, Wetland Ecology

Baja, Mexico, 1997





Research Associate, Field Museum of Natural History (2009- present)

Doctoral Researcher, University of Chicago, Committee on Evolutionary Biology   (2002-2009)  

 The Influence of Symbiotic Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) on the Structure, Composition and Diversity of Plant Communities


University of Chicago, Chicago, IL 

Advisors: R. Michael Miller and Greg Mueller

·      Designed and conducted greenhouse experiments using experimental mesocosms

·      Analyzed the effects of different AMF assemblages on individual plant species and plant communities


La Selva Biological Station (Organization for Tropical Studies), Heredia Province, Costa Rica

·      Developed an interdisciplinary study investigating the relationship between AMF species assemblages and tropical rainforest plant                     communities

·      Obtained full project funding, planned and organized all fieldwork, secured permits and support from several international organizations

·      Performed genetic analysis of AMF at the Field Museum of Natural History (Pritzker Lab)

Undergraduate Researcher, Mount Holyoke College

Advisors: Susan Gardner, Aaron Ellison and Sue Ellen Gruber

The School for Field Studies, Baja California Sur, Mexico (1997)                                                                    

·      Performed baseline water quality studies on endangered mangrove wetlands


Mt. Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA (1997, 1999)

·      Statistical evaluation of Samuel Scheiner’s (1992) theoretical model of “Mosaic Diversity”

·      identified and compared photosystem-I of three lower plants (Coleochaete, Pellia, Mnium) using transmission electron microscopy.




Undergraduate Mentorships (2004-2009)

·      Recruited, supervised and trained two long-term volunteer undergraduate lab assistants

·      Trained and supervised five undergraduate field assistants for fieldwork over three collection trips

·      Provided support and advice for students interested in pursuing science related work

·      Wrote letters of recommendation


Northwestern University, Evanston, IL (2006)

Guest Lecturer, Science & Engineering Research Teaching Synthesis

·      Designed and conducted two lectures and labs at the Field Museum of Natural History (Pritzker Lab)

·      Graded student papers related to the lectures given


University of Chicago, Chicago, IL (2004, 2006)

Lecturer and Teaching Assistant, Mutualisms and Symbioses

·      Prepared and gave two lectures

·      Supervised and coordinated all laboratory work

·      Graded student lab reports


University of Chicago, Chicago, IL (2006)

Teaching Assistant, Core Biology

·      Supervised all laboratory work and graded student lab reports


The Royal English College, Christchurch, New Zealand (2000-2001)

English Teacher

·      Developed course curriculum for three classes

·      Taught English to students of various ages and levels of English speaking experience

·      Lectured, organized course objectives and planned daily classes

·      Assigned and corrected homework and exams for all students

·      Participated in administration through weekly staff meetings


The Island School, Cape Eleuthera, Bahama            (1999)

Research Coordinator & Teacher

·      Developed research project that included student participation

·      Contributed to creation of the school curriculum

·      Taught classes in Math and Biology





EPA STAR Fellowship, Environmental Protection Agency (2006)

Research Grant, Organization for Tropical Studies (2003, 2005)

Hinds Fund Grant, University of Chicago (2002, 2004)

Research Fellowship, Explorer’s Club (2004)

Lab Grad Fellowship, Argonne National Laboratory (2004)

Pre-doctoral Fellowship (honorable mention), National Science Foundation (2004)

Tinker Grant, Center for Latin American Studies (2003)

Graduate Student Fellowship, University of Chicago (2002 – 2006)





Argonne National Laboratory, 2008, Biology Seminar, speaker presentation

University of Chicago, 2008, Natural History Seminar, speaker presentation

Environmental Protection Agency, 2006, Science to Achieve Results Symposium, poster presentation

Soil Ecology Society, 2005, poster presentation, best student poster (honorable mention)





Several papers to be submitted in Fall 2009.




Field biology, tropical ecology, prairie ecology, community ecology, conservation biology, conservation biology, symbiosis, botany, economics of conservation,



Women in Science

Soil Ecology Society

Ecology Society of America

International Committee on Mycorrhiza


·      Computer program proficiency:  MS office, FileMaker, SPSS, PC-ORD, GIS, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop, Endnote, Sequencher, Mr.             Bayes

·      Technical laboratory skills: DNA extraction & sequencing, restriction fragment analysis, cloning, gel electrophoresis, root staining, light             microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, reagent preparation, phospholipid fatty acid extraction, basic soil chemistry analysis

·      Languages:  conversational Spanish & French

·      SCUBA certified





J. Timothy Wootton, Ph.D.

University of Chicago, Department of Ecology and Evolution


R. Michael Miller, Ph.D.

Senior Terrestrial Ecologist, Biosciences Division, Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)

Senior Fellow, Institute for Genomic & Systems Biology, University of Chicago and ANL

Lecturer, Committee on Evolutionary Biology, University of Chicago


Gregory M. Mueller, Ph.D.

Vice President, Science and Academic Programs, Chicago Botanic Garden

Lecturer, Committee on Evolutionary Biology, University of Chicago

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