Ciúnas Audio
Ciúnas (pronounced Kew-nuss) means silence in Gaelic
"After Silence, that which best expresses the inexpressible, is music" - Aldous Huxley

John Kenny originated the use of LiFePo4 batteries in digital audio - a lead that some have now begun to follow.
He also was the first to use the ES9023 DAC chip in a high-end audio device - again some are following this lead.
He also popularised the use of RF attenuators in SPDIF signal lines to improve the signal 
His current devices go beyond the performance of these early initiatives at a similarly low price, once more redefining the price/performance relationship.

Highlighted features of the Ciúnas devices
  • High end sound in a small & very affordable package
  • Runs off isolated power supplies - solves the many neglected noise issues in audio
  • Uses DAC with lowest out of band noise
  • Low latency digital filter brings more realism to the sound 
  • Utilises asynchronous USB & low jitter independent audio clocks
  • Reclocks signal at the optimal point in the signal path for best signal conditioning 
All devices can be auditioned for 20 days home trial period. Return of the device generates a full refund less my shipping costs of €20.

Previous customers attract a discount of €40 off Ciúnas converter & €50 off Ciúnas DAC. Multiple orders from new customers will also attract the same discounts. Just purchase in the normal way, inform me via email that a discount is applicable & a refund will be processed for the discount amount.