Ciúnas (pronounced Kew-nuss) means silence in Gaelic
"After Silence, that which best expresses the inexpressible, is music"  
Aldous Huxley

Devices use an asynchronous 24/192 protocol which means that it doesn't rely on the computer's clock for its timing but rather has 3 discrete on-board clocks. One clock to time the USB connection & the other two to time the audio output at the most optimal point in the signal chain. Additionally these devices use a very low noise battery which powers all circuits - no USB power needed. This confers a certain immunity to the vagaries of computer power supplies. 

These devices deliver some of the highest sound quality you are likely to encounter at any price but at these prices, are a steal - just read the reviews.

There's some excited talk around about dual conduit USB cables - I already supply these FREE with my devices - it's called a USB charger cable. What better way to isolate the power from the signal than to use a separate cable!! 

All devices can be auditioned for 20 days home trial period. Return the device for a full refund less shipping costs of €20.

Previous customers attract a discount of €40 off Ciúnas converter & €50 off Ciúnas DAC. Multiple orders from new customers will also attract the same discounts. Just purchase in the normal way, inform me via email that a discount is applicable & a refund will be processed for the discount amount.