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New USB isolation products - isolated USB Hub, 
World's first isolated SPDIF & isolated DAC

No more listener fatigue or over-etched detail from USB audio, just natural, detailed sound presented as it should be. Using hassle-free batteries & paying attention to low noise brings a natural, organic sound to USB audio playback that rivals & can surpass high-end vinyl replay.  The Ciúnas audio devices punch way above their weight - check out the reviews from both users & the press & reviews of earlier models.

By specialising in a single input only (USB), the Ciunas devices are optimised for computer audio sound quality. All devices connect to a computer's USB port (Mac or PC) or to an Android smartphone.

The Ciunas converter outputs SPDIF which can be connected to a DAC of your choice. The Ciunas USB DAC connects to USB & outputs analogue via RAC connectors to preamplifier or amplifier of your choice.

Take a home trial to check out what computer audio should sound like - no restocking fees. These devices fit in the hand so return postage costs are just $20 or equivalent.  

All devices can be auditioned for 20 days home trial period (time can be extended). 

Previous customers attract a discount of €40 off Ciúnas converter & €50 off Ciúnas DAC. Multiple orders from new customers will also attract the same discounts. Just purchase in the normal way, inform me via email that a discount is applicable & a refund will be processed for the discount amount.