SpoilerSync Macro Download


 Upgrade GPX-by_Cache_Type.gsk to the latest version.  (Minimum ver. 4.0 for spoilers)

NOTE: Colorado/Oregon owners - Reported that firmware ver 2.60  does not provide an option to display the spoiler image. Nuvi 660 models have a thumbnail rather than the "Image" button.

Download and install this macro to find and add spoiler pics to your database folders for the POI Loader:  SpoilerSyncTxfr.gsk

Need the SpoilerSync program? Download and install here: spoilersync_full.exe

To use run the GPX_by_Cache-Type.gsk macro as usual, proceed to the advanced options form, check "Load Spoiler Pics?"  and click the "Run SpoilerSync Macro" button. Make your selections and click "Start", the macro will start SpoilerSync and load the pictures.  When finished you can select another database or return to generate the GPX files and run POI Loader.


2.9.2  http://forums.groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?s=&showtopic=195389&view=findpost&p=3850493

2.9.1 http://forums.groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?s=&showtopic=195389&view=findpost&p=3853420

2.9 The following characters are now acceptable in GSAK database names:ÁÉÍÓÚáéíóú

2.8.2 Updating the macro now bypasses this page and links directly to the file.

2.8.1 Support for GPX macro v5.7.1 (GPX output path)

2.8 POI Loader output folder name change support.

2.7 Modified code to improve performance.

2.6 Macro now cleans-up .ini and .loc files after running for the current database in the TourGuide_Tools folder.  

2.5 Macro no longer loads pics for found caches when user flag set.

2.4 Macro no longer deletes spoilers for unfound caches in some instances.

2.3 Delete Spoilers for found caches by user request.  Corrected error causing runaway batch file creation.

2.2 Improvements for large databases. 

2.1 Added support for Nordic characters in filenames. Requires GPX_by_Cache_Type.gsk ver 5.3 and above.

2.0 Macro now skips previously loaded spoilers.  Requires GPX_by_Cache_Type.gsk ver 5.3 and above.

1.5 User flag filter option added.  Requires GPX_by_Cache_Type.gsk ver 4.9 and above to remember the setting.

1.3 Corrected a path issue causing the command interpreter to fail.

1.2 Checking to make sure macro is called from the Advanced macro as designed.

1.1 Attempting to correct missing folder bug