Red Light Cameras/Speed Traps and other Custom POI's

Quick Instructions

If you plan on using displaying a custom icon on your GPSr then each type of custom POI should be in its own GSAK database.

To use advanced mode, setup new databases in GSAK: 

  1) Red Light Cams - load Red Light Cam gpx or csv* files here 

  2) Speed Traps - load Speed Trap gpx or csv* files here 

  3) Waymarking - load waymarks here 

  4) same for Boat Ramps and Campgrounds (separate databases)

  5) Other - load any other POI's here    

  *If the waypoint names are nearly identical use csv format.

   Use GSAK "Tools", "Grab Coordinates" to load csv files.
   Open the .csv file and check Lat and Lon columns make sure they are correct. 

   Code format=%GrabNo          Name format=%grabName  
   Example for

After importing run macro in Advanced Mode.   

  This example for Red Light Cams. 

  1) Select the Red Light Cam database.  

  2) Select POI Icon "Red Light Camera"   

  3) Select Alert Type "Proximity (On Route)"  

  4) Enter Alert Distance in feet or meters 

  5) You will create a file called "Red Light Camera.gpx" in folder "Red Light Cams"   

Repeat for Speed Traps and Other POI databases.  Be sure to select  the correct icon.  MAKE SURE you use "Geocaching Symbols" for your geocaching databases.   

Let me know if you would like any more custom icons added for your POI's.