Geocaches with descriptions, logs, travel bugs & hints by cache type for Garmin GPSr's (Colorado, Nuvi, Oregon) with TourGuide (radius) support for geocaches and proximity (on route) warning support for Red Light Cameras and Speed Traps (you must use Advanced Mode for these features).  Multiple database support and runs POI Loader in silent mode.  Add-on available for spoiler pictures (Colorado & Oregon currently unable to display these images).   Limited support for Waymarking - useful for vacationing if you like to sightsee!!

Includes soundfiles and bitmaps and enables the TourGuide feature on the Nuvi 2xx and 12xx Series.  Option to use your own symbols ( if you don't like the ones included).


1) Premium account to download "Pocket Queries"

2) GSAK "Geocaching Swiss Army Knife"

3) Garmin POI Loader

4) Garmin Colorado, Mobile XT, Nuvi, Oregon, Street Pilot, Zumo (may support other models, not tested)

5) Up-to-date firmware and USB drivers from Garmin 

6) This GSAK macro installed:GPX_by_Cache_Type.gsk

     Download latest version here:GPX_by_Cache_Type.gsk


     OPTIONAL - Download the SpoilerSync Add-on here: SpoilerSync Macro Download



The gpx, icon, and sound files will be created in your GSAK install folder in a folder named "POI_Loader".  When POI Loader is run in silent mode, it uses the last settings.  So first time users MUST run POI Loader manually and point it to <install path>\GSAK\POI_Loader to get it to load the correct files. FIRST TIME ONLY!!


For most people, running this macro in "Basic Mode" will be all you ever need.  "Advanced Mode" offers additional flexibility but requires some understanding of things happening "under the hood".

If you are just getting started with your Nuvi and paperless caching I would suggest you go here instead: where you will find an excellent tutorial with step by step instructions. 

Support for this macro can be found here. (GSAK Macro Forum)