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Books and Documents.

No book has been written about this case to date. That is one of the reasons this website has been created.

Most documents and newspaper articles related to this case and related cases may be found on the documents page.


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TV Shows

Several television shows have featured this case:

Unsolved Mysteries segment on the Lifetime cable network originally telecast on July 22, 2002.

Cold Case Files episode 46 on the A&E cable network originally telecast on September 2, 2003. The transcript for this show can be found here.

MSNBC investigates episode on profiling on the MSNBC cable network originally telecast on April 24, 2004.


BK               Bedroom Killer- termed used instead of ONS on this website.

CCC            Contra Costa County

EAR            East Area Rapist. The presumed perpetrator of the 45 crimes
                   committed i
n Sacramento, Modesto, Stockton, Davis, Contra
                   Costa  and Alameda counties.

EAR-A        In the Multiple EARs theory, the perpetrator of the EAR crimes which 
                   were characteristic of the crimes linked by DNA: planned, well-
                   executed, attacks on couples, minimal evidence left behind. EAR-A did 
                   not seemingly emerge until April 1977.

EAR-B        In the Multiple EARs theory, the perpetrator of the EAR crimes which 
                   do not match the criteria to be EAR-A crimes. These crimes include 
                   some which had no rapes, at which the attacker came unprepared, the 
                   attacks were interrupted or doors were kicked in or victims dragged 
                   outside. Most EAR-B attacks were not against couples. EAR-B was 
                   the 'original' EAR who emerged in Rancho Cordova in June 1976. 
                   EAR-B may have actually been several different perpetrators.

East Area  Originally this mean the portion of Sacramento County east of the
                   downtown and north of the American River. In the EAR case it is used 
                   to generally mean the entire area east of downtown Sacramento,
                   including portions of the city of Sacramento, the cities of Citrus Heights
                   and Rancho Cordova and unincorporated Sacramento County areas
                   (Carmichael, Del Dayo, Fair Oaks, Orangevale, Foothill Farms, Arden-

LK              Linked Killer-Synonomous with BK, this term means Linked Killer and   
                   specifically refers to the perpetrator of the six murders and three rapes 
                   linked by DNA.

GK              Goleta Killer- specific reference to the perpetrator of the three Goleta 
                   attacks which are linked with each other by physical evidence. They
not linked by DNA to the EAR/ BK crimes.

ONS           Original Night Stalker- name coined by OCSD detectives for the killer 
                   of six people in four attacks in Orange County and ventura County, 
                   California which were linked by DNA. The definition was later 
                   extended to include the attacks in Goleta, which are not linked by DNA 
                   to the rest. The reference to the Night Stalker was to serial killer    
                   Richard Ramirez who operated in 1984-85 and committed one murder
                   in Orange County near Irvine. Ramirez was so-called because of his 
                   home invasion style of attack, with the name Night Stlaker coming from 
                   a 1970s sci fi tv show. Since the killer profiled in this website began
                   before Ramirez, police coined him as the 'Original' Night Stalker. On
                   this website, the preferred term is Bedroom Killer, in order to not mix
                   the killer up with Ramirez. Additionally, if the copycat theory is to be
                   believed, the killer was not even 'original.'

RC              Rancho Cordova

SAC           Sacramento

SBCSD      Santa Barbara Country Sheriff's Department

SCSD         Sacramento County Sheriff's Department

Unified (or Deus Ex Machina)Theory
                   The theory that all the EAR/BK/GK crimes were committed by one 
                   perpetrator even though the crimes have certain distinctive variations.
                   Belief in this theory usually depends upon the belief that law
                   enforcement has secret information that makes the links between the 
                   crimes seem more exact.

V             Visalia Ransacker