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Casebook of the Bedroom Killer

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4 November

Man Hunted as Suspect In 8 Rapes

(Warren Holloway, Sacramento  Bee)


EAR: Discusses first public info on attacks

10 November

East Area Rapist… Fear Grips Serene Neighborhoods

(Iris Yang & Bertha Gaffney-Gorman, Sacramento  Bee)


EAR: Dread hits Rancho Cordova neighborhoods after 6 attacks in October





19 January

Glenbrook Housewife is Raped (Sacramento  Bee)

EAR: Attack of pregnant woman near US 50 and Watt Ave ; whose car was apparently stolen


24 January

Rapist Strikes Again, 14th Time in 15 Months (Sacramento Bee)


EAR: Attack near Madison Ave-Sunrise Boulevard, 2d attack within a week; says indications some victims homes watched before the attacks and ski mask not worn in all attacks


7 February

East Area Rapist Attacks? 15th Assault (Sacramento  Bee)

EAR: Attack near Crestview Dr/ Madison Ave, Citrus Hts; also mentions a copycat attack on 1 February in Orangevale originally cited as the 15th attack where suspect was arrested  February 4.


17 February

Lurker Shoots Youth

(Sacramento  Bee)

EAR: 16 year old youth shot by prowler he was chasing near Ripon Court; prowler male, white and long haired.


8 March

Rape May Be Linked to Series (Sacramento  Bee)

EAR: 37 year old woman raped in home east of Watt Ave between Robertson and Whitney Aves; includes map of rapes to date.


20 March

Rapist Hits 17th Victim

(Sacramento  Bee)

EAR: 16 year old  Rancho Cordova HS student latest victim of attack on evening of 18th; attacker waiting for victim in home in SW RC in area between Folsom Blvd and American River north of Watt Ave; includes map of rapes to date.


20 March

‘East Side Rapist’ Suspected Again (Sacramento Union)

EAR: same attack as above except mentions attacker fled at about 11:40 pm when victim’s friend knocked at the front door  after trying to call the victim.


20 March

East Area Locks Itself Up in Fear as Crime Soars (Iris Yang  Sacramento  Bee)


EAR: Anecdotes about community dread over EAR attacks


15 April

18th Rape Victim in East Area (Sacramento  Bee)

EAR: Early morning attack near Madison and Manzanita Aves in Crestview; rapist forced way into home; after attack police stopped car nearby and took driver to station; later released.


3 May

Rapist Makes 19th Attack After Binding Victim, Mate

(Bill Wilson, Sacramento  Bee)

EAR: Attack on woman with man at home in Greenbrook-College Greens area; Sacramento LE says not first such attack, says one previous case had man tied up first; also says attacker has only revealed his face once; includes map of rapes to date.


5 May

East Area Rapist attacks 20th Victim in Orangevale (Sacramento  Bee)

EAR: Confronted couple in driveway at gunpoint and ordered them back into female victim’s house; house ransacked near Madison and Main Aves; only 2d time victims confronted outside of their homes, 3d couples attack and 2d attack in 48 hrs; includes map of rapes to date.


15 May

East Area Rapist Attacks 22nd Victim at Home (Mel Assagai, Sacramento  Bee)

EAR: Attacked couple at gunpoint in vicinity of Greenback Lane and Birdcage Street; attack of 2 April  near Madison and Main added to list; originally excluded because it was a couples attack [the 2 April attack must have been the first couples attack therefore] ; includes map of rapes to date.


17 May

East Area Rapist Attacks No. 23 Next Victims Die Tonight? (Sacramento  Bee)

EAR: Calls EAR a ‘probable paranoid schizophrenic’ and mentions the creation of a psychological profile by a team of experts; mentions some details of the profile; Del Dayo attack (off American River Dr near Jacob Ln) of couple where attacker threatens to kill his next two victims tonight; gave conflicting reasons for the death threats: either if there was press coverage or if there were no press coverage;  includes sketch of suspect and  map of rapes to date.


18 May


Police Seeking To Link Rapist, Snelling Slayer
(Miles Shuper, Visalia Times-Delta)


EAR/ VR: Police probe possible links between the EAR and the Visalia Ransacker

19 May

Link To Rapist Still Sought
(Miles Shuper, Visalia Times-Delta)




EAR/VR: More discussion of possible EAR/VR links

20 May

CBers Cautioned…Volunteer Patrols Could Hamper Rapist Search (Sacramento  Bee)

EAR: Sheriff’s Office asks citizens group of CB operators not to conduct planned patrols looking for the EAR because they’ll get in the way; CB group headed by a dentist planned to continue patrols anyway


22 May

Rapist’s Reign of Terror has Sacramento in a Panic (Dennis J. Opatrny, SF Examiner)

EAR: rehash of case which mentions ‘inadequate endowment’ of rapist, vigilantes, and rewards of $10,000 and $15,000; states attacker has precision of a diamond cutter and seems to target victims rather than selecting them completely at random; says rapist called one victim by her first name although she did not know him by voice.


29 May

East Area Rapist Hits South; Victim, 24

 (Ted Bell, Sacramento  Bee)

EAR: First attack outside east area in the Sky Parkway area to the south; LE rep states that a lot of info about the rapist that are not publicly known ergo why they know the south attack was not an imitator; CB patrol organization (East Area Rapist Surveillance Patrol)  cruisng east area with 100 members for last three nights but attacker struck outside of area; reward increased to $30,000.


31 May

Static Develops on Rapist Patrol from Other CBers (Sacramento  Bee)

EAR: Other CBers claim EARS patrol degenerating into vigilantes; EARS to give press conference on Junee 1. LE also discounted any connection between the previous rape in the south area and the location of the dental office of the EARS Patrol head- the attack was a few blocks away but there was no direct route between the two places.


17 June

No News Gag on Rapist Attacks

(Sacramento Bee)

EAR: Response to recent criticism of sheriff’s dept


2 July

East Area Rapist Hunt Narrows (Sacramento  Union)

EAR: LE is narrowing focus down in search for EAR to 12 suspects; quarter of suspects from tips eliminated; mentions 17 May press conference after which thousands of tips were received.


17 August

Clue to Rapist at Last?

(Veda Federighi, Sacramento  Bee)

EAR: LE asking letter-writer named ‘Afraid’ to call to elaborate on inside info about the EAR.


7 September

Police Certain East Area Rapist Struck in Stockton (Wayne Wilson, Sacramento  Bee)

EAR: Attack in North Stockton linked to EAR by MO; 2d attack outside east area.


10 September

Stockton Terror… East Area Rapist Attack Spurs Handgun, Lock Sales


EAR: Description of dread over EAR in Stockton after 2d attack there (in Lincoln Village West subdivision on September 4).(corrected from incorrect handwritten date of 10/10/77)


2 October

East Area Rapist Returns to District, Assaults Teen-Aged Girl in Duplex

(Sacramento Bee)

EAR: Considered 22d attack (2 removed as would otherwise be the 24th- an attack from October 75 and an October 76 one ); attack at duplex in College Greens-Rosemont (La Riviera and Tuolomne Drs); only 3d attack where victim was spending night at a place where she’d not normally be (the other two attacks were the 1st and 2d attacks).


3 October

Police Believe Rapist is Toying with Them (Sacramento  Bee)

EAR: Detectives in Sacramento and Stockton think EAR returned to Sacramento because hunt for him had eased there; comment that EAR is consistently inconsistent.


3 October

New Rapist Attacks Bring No Big Clues

 (Sacramento Union)

EAR: Two attacks within a month brought no major changes to manhunt.


8 October

Rape Investigation… A Cloud Over 5,000 Local Citizens? (Warren Holloway and Thom Axeman, Sacramento  Bee)

EAR: Police received over 5,000 names in tips; city police cleared all but about 12 of 1,000 names received; county sheriffs not candid about their 4,000 suspects; first screened by description and times of attacks, then screened for criminal backgrounds and sexual criminal background.


21 October

Rapist Gets 25th Victim; Foothill Farms (Warren Holloway and Thom Axeman, Sacramento  Bee)

EAR: Attack in Foothill Farms northeast of Elkhorn Boulevard and Diablo Drive intersection; used dishes on back; includes map of rapes to date in Sac.


28 October

Everything Tried to Catch Rapist (Sacramento  Bee)

EAR: 900 residents attended a meeting at Foothills JHS to hear SCS talk about the EAR; admitted psychic and biorhythm charts used to try to catch EAR; half of police effort spent tracking down rumors


30 October

Couple Terrorized by East Area Rapist

 (Paul Mapes, Sacramento Union)

EAR: Attack in densely settled area north of Whitney between Mission and Eastern; attacker tried several windows and doors before finding one he could pry open.


2 November

Seminar on Rapist

EAR: Sheriff Deputy to speak at 7:30 8 November at Mira Loma HS, 4000 Edison Ave, about EAR in area most recently struck


3 November

Rapist’s Skill is Called Key;
Detective Says Law Now Needs Luck to Catch Him (Veda Federighi, Sacramento Union)

EAR: Interview with Carol Daly, investigator who interviewed all EAR victims. Daly said about the EAR: “he hasn’t given us anything that will help us.”


10 November

East Area Rapist Attacks Girl, 13; Number 27 (Sacramento  Bee)

EAR: Attack at a condo on La Riviera Dr near Watt Ave in College Greens section of Sacramento city; rapist tied up mother and used the dishes trick on her while raping and molesting the daughter while she was tied to a chair; possible suspect captured at 5am at an El Camino Ave restaurant, but later released; suspicious car spotted in area, 1966 blue Chevy with Arizona plates; updated map


4 December

Noise May Have Curbed East Rapist (Sacramento  Bee)

EAR: Attacker in Foothill Farms aborts attack because of noisy teenagers outside on a corner; tied up woman and remained for two hours but left without a rape at about 1:30 am.


4 December

Teen-Age Boys Scare Off Rapist (Sacramento Union)

EAR: Same story as above; some shred of doubts about whether attacker was actually the EAR.


December 6

Friday’s Threat Laid to East Rapist

(Sacramento Bee)


EAR: LE officially listed previous attack w/o a rape as an EAR attack (28th attack); new info on previous attack- 13 yo girl was molested but not raped.


December 17

Some Wear Rapist on Their Chest

(Sacramento Bee)

EAR: 2 SCC students made an EAR T-Shirt with the composite on it and were selling it for $6 with about 500 sold.





21 January

Southland Suspect Quizzed, But is Not East Area Rapist (Sacramento  Bee)

EAR: Sacramento LE interviewed Newport Beach rape-burglary suspect who had similar MO to EAR, but found no evidence that he was the EAR.


21 January

Newport Beach Suspect Isn’t Sacramento Rapist (AP story in Sacramento Union)

EAR: Same as above; NB attacker more of a burglar than the EAR as he routinely stole items


30 January

East Rapist Assaults Teen Sisters (Thom Akeman, Sacramento  Bee)

EAR:Attacker smashes in front door at 10:15 pm and assaults two teenaged sisters in a home near American River College (Winding Way, east of Walnut Ave); LE conclude it was the EAR despite this unusual attack procedure; shortest time stayed in a home- may have left because girl’s parents came home; updated map.


4 February

Deputies Report No Leads in Rancho Cordova Killings

(Sacramento Bee)

EAR/ Maggiore Murders: Story about the Maggiore murders; only one suspect mentioned.


5 February

Rapist Warned in Rhyme

(Sacramento Bee)

EAR: Story about a local resident who posts poems insulting the Ear in the personals section of the Sacramento Union.


16 February

2 Suspected in Slayings

(Sacramento Bee)

EAR/ Maggiore Murders: Continued coverage about the Maggiore murders includes composites of two suspects.


17 March

Officers Return to Murder Scene Hunting for Clues

(Sacramento Bee)

EAR/ Maggiore Murders: LE returns to scene of Maggiore murders to look for clues and to interview neighbors by going door-to-door.


19 March

East Rapist in Stockton

(Sacramento Bee)


EAR: 2d attack in Stockton in Parkwoods neighborhood.


29 March

East Area Rapist Attacks His 32nd Victim

(Sacramento Bee)

EAR: Attack of a woman in Rancho Cordova at home on Ambassador Drive near Rossmoor bar near a home next to an open field; updated map.


30 March

Rancho Cordovan is East Area Rapist Victim

(Veda Federighi, Sacramento Union)


EAR: Same as above; 32d attack

16 April

Witness Aids Police Artists with Descriptions of Killer

(Sacramento Bee)

EAR/ Maggiore Murders: New witness from Maggiore scene helps update composite sketches.


16 April

East Rapist Kicks in Door, Attacks Sitter in South Area

(Sacramento Bee)

EAR: 33d attack in South Area of Sacramento city (Seamas and Riverside Aves); rapist kicked in door about 10 pm where 15 yo baby sitter was minding an 8 yo child; raped in house, then out in the backyard; backyard attack interrupted about 10:30 pm when girl’s parents arrived to check on her and man fled.


22 May

Terror in Sacramento Bay Area journal (Linda Joffee, New West magazine)


EAR: 8 page article recapping the EAR cases

7 June

East Area Rapist Strikes in Modesto: $1,500 Taken (Sacramento  Bee)


EAR: First attack in Modesto; demanded money and victims gave him $1500; dishes trick used


7 June

East Area Rapist Strikes in Modesto

(Sacramento Union)


EAR: Same attack as above; attacker brought shoelace bindings with him


24 June


East Area Rapist’s 35th Attack in Modesto

(Sacramento Bee)

EAR: 2d Modesto attack a mile from the previous attack.


27 June

Rapist Credited with 2 Attacks

(Sacramento Bee)


EAR: Two rapes committed in Davis (7 and 24 June) earlier in the month were added to the EAR list making it 37.


28 June

Rapist Continues Stepped up Series of Attacks, Returns to East Area

(Thom Akeman, Sacramento  Bee)

EAR: Woman attacked in apartment on La Riviera Drive east of Watt Ave, 5th attack on La Riviera Dr, 11th in area between American River and Folsom Boulevard and 30th in East Area; updated map.


7 July

East Area Rapist Hits Davis Again

(Sacramento Union)


EAR: 39th victim in Davis (west Davis); demanded money for gas; 5 attacks in 22 days.


7 July

East Area Rapist Returns to Davis, Assaults Mother

(Bill Wilson, Sacramento  Bee)


EAR: Same case as above; armed with gun and knife.


12 July

Davis Council Session on Rapist Draws 400

(Sacramento Bee)


EAR: Special city council session about the EAR; rumors of mutilation dispelled; convinced rapist selects victims ahead of time, knows where he’s going and the best ways to escape.


14 October

Area Rapist Strikes in Concord

(Sacramento Union)

EAR: 2d Contra Costa attack and Concord attack (previous was a week earlier (October 7); first attack was a rape-burglary; no burglary I the second attack.


14 October


Two Concord Rapes in Week Ascribed to East Area Rapist

(Mel Assagai and Jaime Diaz, Sacramento  Bee)

EAR: SCSD investigators ascribe two Concord attacks to the EAR. Both attacks were in the Ygnacio Valley area.


21 October

Concord Girds against Rapist but No New Leads Reported

(Sacramento Union)

EAR: A beefed up LE task force report no new leads; hysteria in Concord.


21 October

Police Say Money Won’t Find Rapist (Mel Assagai, Sacramento  Bee)

EAR: Contra Costa County supervisors told by LE that a reward will not catch the EAR because of a lack of a good description; 217 rapes in CC in 1977


24 October

East Area Rapist Still Baffles Police (Warren Holloway and Thom Akeman, Sacramento  Bee)

EAR: Rapes removed from official EAR list: June 27 rape in Rancho Cordova [this attack was called La Riviera Dr in an above article] as was another rapist caught after committing 4 rapes; another rape withdrawn when an 18 year old was arrested for the crime.


1 November

East Area Rapist in San Ramon?

(Sacramento Bee)

EAR: Report of rape by masked home invader in San Ramon, in Contra Costa County.


2 November

East Area Rapist Blamed for Attack

(Sacramento Union)

EAR: San Ramon attack probably going to be listed as 40th EAR attack.


7 November

Assault in San Ramon Blamed on East Area Rapist

(Sacramento Bee)


EAR: San Ramon attack officially added to EAR tally.

10 December


Rape’s Aftermath Raises Issue of Suburban Safety

(probably Contra Costa Times)


EAR: CCC rapes




14 March

Police Try to Link Bludgeon Murders

(Gary Jarlson, Los Angeles Times)


BB/OC Murders

6 April

East Area Rapist Hits in Fremont

(Sacramento Bee)

EAR: Attack in Mission San Jose section of Fremont in Contra Costa County; gun and knife and dishes trick used.


16 May


Woman Found Bludgeoned to Death in Her Apartment.

(Los Angeles Times)


BB/OC Murders: Savannah Anderson murder in Irvine

13 June

Danville Woman Latest Victim of Capital’s East Area Rapist

(Sacramento Bee)

EAR: 43d attack; selected a residence near freeway as in other east Bay attacks; three blocks from December 9 attack [not mentioned in any of the articles here previously].


26 June

East Area Rapist Attacks 13-Year Old

(Sacramento Bee)

EAR: 13 year old girl attacked in her home in Walnut Creek while sister and parents slept in nearby rooms; 44th attack.


28 July

Hitchhiking Slaying Suspect Arrested: Man Linked to 3 Santa Barbara

Killings in ’76-77.

(John Hurst and Jerry Belcher

Los Angeles Times)


Other Murders: Goleta man, Thor Nis Christiansen arrested.


9 October

Slayings of 7 Women to Be Focus of Probe.

(Gary Jarlson, Los Angeles Times)


BB and Other OC Murders

10 October

Sheriff’s Blotter: Monday/ Oct. 1

(Goleta Valley News)

Goleta Crimes: Brief account of first Goleta attack.


16 October

Police Draft Psychic’s Help in Murder Cases

(Gary Jarlson, Los Angeles Times)



29 October

The Bludgeon Slayer Takes the Weekend Off: Relief in Cities

By Gary Jarlson, Los Angeles Times)



1 November

Fear of Killer Grips Orange Coast: Sale of Guns and Locks Soar

(Joy Horowitz, Los Angeles Times)



1 December

Assault Victim: Bludgeoner Is Eliminated in One Case

(J. Michael Kennedy, Los Angeles Times)



31 December

Goleta Valley Doctor, Woman Found Slain (Santa Barbara News-Press)


Goleta Crimes: 2d Goleta crime scene (1st murders)




9 January

No Arrests Yet in Double Murder

(Goleta Valley News)


Goleta Crimes: 2d Goleta crime scene (1st murders)

27 January


Homicides Up Sharply in County During  ’79 (Santa Barbara News-Press)


Goleta Crimes

26 February

Link to East Area Rapist Probed in Couples’ Slaying

(Wayne Wilson, Sacramento  Bee)

EAR: LE looks at possible links between the EAR and the first two Goleta attacks.


13 March

Police Debate Tie Between East Area Rapist, Killings

(Wayne Wilson, Sacramento  Bee)


EAR/ Goleta Murders: Goleta-EAR links probed further.

17 March


Pair Fatally Bludgeoned

(Los Angeles Times)


Linked Murders: Smith murders in Ventura.

17 March

Lawyer, Wife Found Slain in Ventura Home

Skip Rimer and Rita Beamish, Ventura County Star)


Linked Crimes


17 March


Lawyer, Wife Found Beaten to Death

(Santa Barbara News-Press)


Linked Crimes

18 March


Police Mum about Leads in Slaying of Lawyer, Wife

(Gregg Zoraya, Ventura County Star)


Linked Crimes

 19 March

Smiths were Slain as They Slept

(Gregg Zoraya and Skip Rimer, Ventura County Star)


Linked Crimes

22 March


Smiths Eulogized, 350 Attend Services for Slain Couple

(Gregg Zoraya, Ventura County Star)


Linked Crimes

9 April


Smith Murder Case: No Leads, No Suspects, Nothing

(Gregg Zoraya, Ventura County Star)


Linked Crimes

22 May


East Area Rapist’s Mimicker Strikes

(Sacramento Bee)

EAR: Rapist who police think is deliberately mimicking the EAR attacked in Fair Oaks.

23 August


Young Couple Murdered in Niguel Shores.

(Jerry Hicks, Los Angeles Times)


Linked Murders: Harrington murders in Ventura.

19 September


Families of Slain Couple offer $25,000 to Find Killer

(Gary Jarlson, Los Angeles Times)


Linked Murders: Harrington family offers a reward.





9 February


Irvine Task Force to Probe Death of Woman

Los Angeles Times


Linked Murders: Witthuhn homicide.

15 June

When Terror Reigned: East Area Rapist

(Sacramento Bee)

EAR; Recap of case and latest developments; stresses EAR’s desire to terrorize his victims and get around security devices (lights, alarms, dogs, tough locks). Only mentions 2d Goleta attack as possible linked attack.


28 July


Two Found Slain in Goleta; Case Similar to One in ‘79

(Dave Hardy, Santa Barbara News-Press)


Goleta Crimes

29 July


Tie Hinted in Pair of Goleta Murders

(Eric Malnic, Los Angeles Times)


Goleta Murders: Domingo/ Sanchez murders and links to previous Goleta murders


30 July


Double Murder in Goleta May be Linked to  ’79 Killings

(John Hankins, Santa Maria Times and Goleta Voice)


Goleta Murders

30 July


Two Found Slain in Goleta

(Goleta Valley News)


Goleta Murders

31 July


Information Withheld in Killings- for Reason

(Dave Hardy, Santa Barbara News-Press)


Goleta Murders

2 August


Investigators Study Orange, Ventura County Slayings: Hunt for Clues in Goleta Murders

(Dave Hardy, Santa Barbara News-Press)


Linked Murders; Goleta Murders

2 August


‘Night Stalker’ Theory Connecting Eight Southland Slayings Disputed.

(John Hurst, Los Angeles Times)


Linked Murders; Goleta Murders

6 August


Goleta Murders: Sheriff’s Department Seeks Link

(Lori Schweitzer, Goleta Valley News)


Goleta Murders

5 September


Police Seek Man for Rape of Six Women in Five Cities

(Los Angeles Times)


Other OC Crimes