Casebook of the Bedroom Killer

This website is set up primarily as a compendium of documents and graphics about this very complicated case. It also includes a section on theories and certain other crime sprees which are related to or similar to the main cases discussed.

Most people will find this page after viewing the Cold Case Files episode on A&E. That episode leaves many unanswered questions and also presents some disinformation (like about the townhall meeting). This website is designed to help the reader answer most of those questions.  I've designed it based on what I'd want a website about the case present. This website is still a work in progress and several items are listed without links because those pages have not yet been made.

Here is the recommended order in which to look at this website:

1. Start with the Transcript of the Cold Case Files episode.

2. Check out the Master Timeline of the case which is very comprehensive.

3. Look at the documents on the Documents Page

      a. Look at the article files on this page. Almost all pertinent articles have be placed here including a collection of articles from the Sacramento area in the 1970s.

      b. Look at the other documents on this page including the FDLE profile and the grpahics showing the crime scene areas.

4. Back on the main page  look at the sections on the Bedroom Basher (not completed yet) and the Visalia Ransacker.

5. Then look at the different case theories. Only the EAR-A and EAR-B one is currently posted.

6. If you want to read the comments of other people, look at the website message board and the AETV board.

7. If you want to look at another website on these crimes which includes some good Sacramento pictures and a tape of a phone message allegedly from the East Area rapist check out this website.

8. Welcome! your interest in this case is appreciated.