Casebook of the Bedroom Killer


This page supplies links to downloads of several Google EARTH placemarker files for the cases in this crime series and for some other associated and unassociated cases. Google Earth is a free application from Google which provides overhead picture maps of the world. Placemarker files provide markers showing specific locations which can be clikced onto to automatically go to that location. Placemarkers have been done for  the crime locaitons discussed on this website. Most are specific to the street. Some are the exact address. Some are just general or approximate locaitons.

TO INSTALL GOOGLE EARTH: If you do not already have Google Earth, click on the link below and follow the instructions.

Download Google Earth


Once Google Earth is installed, the placemarker files can be downloaded.

TO DOWNLOAD: Right click the mouse  and select "Save Target As." Select a location for the files such as a new directory called "Google Earth Placemarkers." Once the placemarks are downloaded, you csan either click on the "open file" button in the download dialog box or click on the icon of the file in Windows. Either way, if Google Earth is installed on the computer, it will automatically open and place the placemark files under "My Places" on the display.

The DOWNLOADS: The placemarkers are divided into subdirectories by category. The indented downloads are sub-sets of the ones above them. The first file includes ALL the placemarkers.

I've included placemarkers for some historic murders as well as the ones tihs website focuses on.

All Crimes

     All EAR/ LK/ GK/ VR/ BB Crime Locations

           Sacramento EAR

           Davis, Modesto, Stockton



           Linked Murders

           Visalia Ransacker


    Other OC Crimes


     Night Stalker (Richard Ramirez) Crimes

     Boston Strangler

     Oregon City Murders

     Son of Sam 

     DC Murders

     DC Snipers

     South Hill Rapist

     Connecticut Valley Killer

     New Bedford Killer