EAR-A versus EAR-B

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This section contains documents and text related to the EAR-A theory.

In a nutshell, this theory posits that there were a minimum of two criminals who committed the EAR crimes. The first was the same person later linked by DNA with crimes in Contra Costa County and in Ventura and Orange county. I call him EAR-A. The second person was more rash and less deliberate and was the original EAR who emerged in Rancho Cordova in June 1976. I refer to him as EAR-B. Not all of the EAR-B crimes, however, may have been committed by EAR-B. Several of them are even more unique and may have been the work of others.


EAR-A versus EAR-B: A Crime-by-Crime Breakdown

[Note the above document is still in working format and will be revised to match the Master Timeline in the near future. Of course the timeline itself is being currently revised and has not yet been posted.]


EAR-B Crimes Analysis