Comments from a poster concerning the full length sketch:

 Note the way EAR carries his weapons as they are holstered. It is a cross over reach. Not unusual, but isn't in the majority either. Ring is on the right finger and watch/bracelet on the left. Tattoo above the left wrist. Looks more like a dog sitting down. To the right and back of the belt is what looks like a flashlight or nightstick. Can't figure out what the instrument is in the tee shirt at his neck. Not a pen (if so, why?)...that one is a puzzle.


In my opinion this individual is ambidextrous.


The belt buckle looks as though it has a raised emblem on it. One of the ONS victims had what appeared to be an abrasion on her torso that was speculated left by a belt buckle. If you look at the shape of the belt buckle in this composite, to me, it looks like a mystical dragon.


As a side note here: A witness said there was an embroidered dragon on the left breast pocket of one of the men at the Maggiore murders.


Whoever gave this description was very detailed and there are too many things, ie. placement of the holstered weapons, ring, tattoo, etc., for it not to be a true composite. The texture of the paper indicates that it is an older piece of paper and if you look at the right forearm there is what looks like either a water/coffee stain where the print has faded. On the CCF episode, I noticed a paper clip at the top of the page of the composite which is not shown here.


I feel that this is a true witness description and has very telling behavioral traits of the EAR/ONS. 

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