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 Cafe ItaliaSeptember 5, 2008


August 2008 Pages:                          First Day of School

Scrapbook Layouts               

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Half Marathons                       *Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon - April 27, 2008                       Slideshow of this event available for viewing.                                     *Kansas City Family & Friends Half Marathon 2008 This displays a possible route for a half-marathon.                       

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December 2006 Pages:                        *Music Video - "Skater Boys"    (Parker and Joey started a band this weekend... Dec. 16th, 2006) *Gingerbread Choo Choo Train


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Parker M. Bata

Ray & Linda Fernandes 

Annette & Jim Cosgrove 

Rodney & Kim Fernandes 

Robert Fernandes

Wiring By Design: John & Peggy Bata

Brenda Ashley :  (Kim Bata is her manager and friend.)

Kristi Mennenga: (Neighbor friend back in the "hood")



September 2008



"Monkey Joe is Back!"

Parker is so sorry that he left you in Iowa over Labor Day Weekend.  Parker's Grandma Peggy sent him back to Kansas City.  Monkey Joe arrived on September 8th.  Thanks Grandma Bata!

September 5, 2008: Cafe Italia

August 2008       

August 31st - Bike Ride... Yeah                                                                 To see a slide show of these pictures go to Labor Day Weekend 2008



August 30th -  First full day  with the in-laws in Urbandale, Iowa.  Great Times!                                                            9:00 a.m.     I participated in Kara's Jazzercise Class                               It's not my favorite form of exercise, but I did enjoy Kara as an instructor.  I can't wait to see what  she is like in one year.

11:00 a.m.    Geisler Farm's Corn Maze        Slide show is below...

1:00 p.m.      Tastee's Tacos and Sloppy Joes


1:45 p.m.      Chick Flick time with Peggy, Kara, Kim, & Brenda

      We went to see... House Bunny

It probably won't win any awards, but we "highly" recommend this movie to those who love to laugh non-stop.  I'd put it on par with the Legally Blonde movies.

7:00 p.m.        A lovely steak and potato dinner

8:30 p.m.        Family Game Night - Sequence in Teams